Reykjavik University: A Case Study on How to Engage “Digital Natives” through Video and Active Learning Methods

Reykjavik University: A Case Study on How to Engage “Digital Natives” through Video and Active Learning Methods

Reykjavik University(RU) is an institution that emphasizes hands-on learning focusing on solving real-world problems students will face upon entering the workforce. Long a pioneer in research and technology, RU has turned to Echo360 as a tool to reach digital natives by using video and active learning teaching methods.

“Today’s students have grown up with smart phones, tablet devices, and screens,” says Amar Egilsson, RU Service Manager. “Many of them have never experienced writing an entire essay on paper. As a university, we need to respond to the changing ways students learn.”

RU had been using a home-grown lecture recording system. But the system was difficult to use and manage, so administrators and staff knew that it was time for an upgrade. The reasons they chose  Echo360 as their video platform solution include:

  • Easy lecture capture integrated with the LMS. The Echo360 cloud-based solutionis simple for lecturers to use and its integration with RU’s Canvas learning management system (LMS) means content can be easily recorded, edited, and shared.
  • Study and learn anytime, anywhere. Lecturers and students can use Echo360 on any device and they can access recordings from the office, a classroom, the library, or from home by simply logging into the system.
  • Using video and active learning to engage students. With Echo360’s powerful learning engagement and response tools, students can ask questions in real-time during a lecture or flag areas in the lecture where they are confused. These features help instructors understand which areas to reinforce.
  • Analytics reveal deeper insights into student behavior, needs, and learning. In addition to providing data on student video use, Echo360 analyticsreveal real-time insights into student behavior to instructors, advisors, and academic leadership.

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To learn more about how RU uses Echo360, download your free copy of our CASE STUDY: Reykjavik University – A learning tool for the digital generation.