Video Learning and Engagement

Make learning active before, during, and after class with engagement and peer-to-peer learning tools.

The Echo360 Classroom

Students use the platform 7X more often when video is integrated into class presentations, student note-taking, and online discussions. With notes and discussions automatically linked to moments in class recordings and presentations, students can study with better context, increasing the overall investment value.


In addition to recording and publishing video, the Echo360 mobile app presents the classroom experience optimized for small-screen viewing, making it easy for students to use inside or outside class. Students can toggle between video feeds and the class presentation, and respond to activities, all from their mobile device.


Echo360 is designed from the ground up to be accessible and 508 compliant. Best of all, it is fully integrated with leading closed captioning providers, offering a choice of partners to ensure the content is appropriately captioned and fully accessible to all students.
Closed Captioning

Student Response

With Echo360, student response activities can be embedded into classroom presentations and videos to assess student learning and provoke thoughtful discussions. Choose from multiple question types, including graphic response, and students can answer using their preferred device.


Echo360 keeps class discussion linked to relevant instructional content, so students make the connections required for active learning. When students review, they can go straight from the discussion to the presentation, even highlighting a specific teaching moment captured on video.

Contextual Notes

Most students take digital notes, but those notes can be confusing when separated from the class experience. Echo360 keeps notes linked to class presentations and videos so that students can jump straight from their own words to those of the instructor and replay the entire learning experience.

Confusion Alerts

Students often don’t speak up when they are feeling lost, but Echo360 makes it easy to give simple feedback to the instructor. Whether in class or when reviewing the recording, students can indicate that they are struggling so instructors know which topics to reinforce.
Perry's Class

Automatic Speech Recognition

ASR makes video more accessible and engaging by providing students searchable transcript to navigate the video by key term. A moving highlight enables students to read along with video lessons for a multimodal learning experience.