Improve learning outcomes and intervene early with insight into student learning behaviors.


The Instructor Dashboard is based on a configurable engagement score that adapts to any instructional method and any class type. Instructors get analytics showing how engaged each student is in real time. The platform will identify the least engaged students and which content they are struggling with so instructors can intervene proactively.

Advisors & Academic Leadership

Echo360 can feed data directly into warehouses, student advisory dashboards, and risk indicator systems to provide real-time data on student learning behaviors. Echo360’s data will increase the value and efficacy of your analytic dashboards by giving you a view into learning activity that no other system can provide.

System Administrators

Administrators have a complete view of their Echo360 environment, both cloud platform and campus capture components, so they can monitor levels of system use as well as individual capture points on the network. And proactive alerts will even notify admins of potential problems in the recording schedule so that they can be addressed before valuable classes are lost.