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Echo360 has the complete solution to unleash the power of video in any environment, with features to inspire you and your learners. 

Video Management

Finally!  Now you can create and share educational video using a single, smart solution that’s easier to manage. With all the features and capabilities you need, like multi-level collaboration that includes administrative input and oversight.

Lecture Capture

One-click, on-demand recording, in addition to fully scheduled or automated recording. The straightforward capture interface functions smoothly across all roles and platforms–with 10x the reliability of any other solution–making it the easiest, most reliable lecture capture solution at any scale.

Video Recording

Simple, intuitive recording UI that is the same across both hardware and software. With a host of features you’ll love – including smart input detection and fallback, reboot recovery, and background software updates–for all your video recording needs. Just select what you want to record and click to start.

Live Streaming

Stream any recording in high definition, using any recording device, without the need to schedule ahead. With adaptive bitrate HLS, you’ll have the easiest, most reliable way to create ad hoc live streams.

Video Editing

Cut, trim and splice content to create compelling material for engagement. Our browser-based editor makes it easy to edit videos from anywhere, with no complicated tools required. Available directly from the user’s library, the editor allows you to simply make and save changes, and the published version is automatically updated.

Video Delivery

A myriad of different delivery options that can meet any need. With the touch of a button, videos can be directly inserted into any educational content, with the potential for full preview and playback, no matter where you put them. You can even directly embed videos into your LMS and share.

Video Search & Discover

Easily find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a piece of content you own or a phrase that was mentioned in one of your courses. You’ll be able to search across content types–including presentations, notes and even discussions–giving you access to a rich diversity of content that other video platforms don’t have.

Video Cloud

Integration with major cloud platforms makes it easy to ingest videos from services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Relax knowing you have unlimited video cloud storage and 100% dynamic scaling across all core services.

Video Players

Our accessible video player provides multiple brand customization options. Unlike other video capture management platforms, the responsive web design dynamically adjusts based on device, screen size, and features used.

Video Captioning

Easily edit transcripts into fully-compliant closed captions or integrate directly with closed caption providers to ensure video accessibility.

Video Transcription

Automatically transcribe videos using Automatic Speech Recognition to make them more accessible and engaging. You’ll have the option to either manually or automatically send content for transcription. Features include versioning with audit log, confidence score, push to captions, and speaker tags.

Video Analytics for Administrators

Administrators have a complete view of their environment, both cloud platform and in-person capture components, so they can monitor levels of system use as well as individual capture points on the network. Proactive alerts will highlight potential problems in the recording schedule so that they can be addressed before valuable classes or sessions are lost.

Video Analytics for Instructors

Instructors have access to analytic data at the video, class, learner and course level to show how engaged everyone is with the material–before, during, and after class. This not only helps identify what is working, but also to help identify at-risk learners before it’s too late. Configurable analytics are adaptable to any instructional method or class type.

Video Quizzing

Embed response activities into videos to assess learning and provoke thoughtful discussion. Turn videos into quizzes by embedding polling activities directly into the media, gating playback until viewers respond. Choose from multiple question types, including graphic response, and everyone can answer using their preferred device.

Video Uploading

Simply drag-and-drop to upload any video into our platform, where it can be used in our native classroom or shared and embedded into external systems. Integration with major cloud platforms also makes it easy to ingest videos from services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Mobile Video

In addition to recording and publishing video, our mobile app is optimized for small-screen viewing, making it easy to use inside or outside each learning environment. Toggle between video feeds and the presentation, and respond to activities, all from any mobile device.

Remote Recording

Allows users to remotely record content while offline (without an internet connection) and upload it when online. With offline remote recording, videos will be automatically uploaded when an internet connection is established, with upload indicators to keep you abreast of your progress.


Hardware that is 10x more reliable than a personal computer with traditional capture software. Easy to deploy, easy to use–choose from dedicated recording appliances in both rack-mountable and table-top options.


Easily integrate with your existing conferencing and storage solutions, such as Zoom and OneDrive, to bolster content creation. Quickly and automatically pull in any videos from those platforms–making it seamless to connect.


Provides modern application programming interfaces (API) for data transfer and integration with other campus systems, as well as for controlling captures and capture hardware. Each API also has a software development kit (SDK) of libraries and sample data that can be downloaded to use in integrations development.

Best-in-class solutions powered by Echo360.

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