Employee Engagement

Echo360’s Echosystem is a robust suite of engagement tools that commands the attention of all learners, driving participation, information retention, and profitability.

Employee engagement is the lifeblood of organizational health. Studies show that organizations with engaged workforces are 21% more profitable and experience 41% lower absenteeism than their competitors. Companies like International Paper trust Echo360 to build employee engagement with flexible tools and actionable metrics.

Engage everyone, every time.

Today’s workforce is often a mix of on-site and remote employees, especially in the aftermath of COVID. EchoAuthor’s Knowbly acts as a singular source for course building and management, ensuring that everyone feels like an important member of the training team. Live lecture capture from EchoVideo solutions ensure asynchronous learners get an exceptional learning experience as well, promoting equity across your organizations and building remote employee engagement.

It’s never been easier, or faster, to engage your team.

With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, you’ll easily drag and drop video and PowerPoint to create awesome courses,  adding live quizzes and polls with a few clicks. You’ll have access to simple and powerful multimedia authoring tools that engage learners of all styles and abilities.

Build company culture, naturally.

Your team will become a more cohesive unit the more they work together. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, employees gain access to social learning features and gamification elements that foster friendly competition between team members. It’s a great way to get learner buy-in into your employee engagement action plan.

Searchable video changes the game.

EchoVideo’s flagship Echo360 platform captions video content through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, building a searchable database of content so learners and content creators find what they need when they need it. Extract key learning moments from earlier classes and share them in new presentations, or tag spots in videos that answer frequently asked questions.

Hear from everyone, anytime.

Across the Echosystem, you’ll collect real-time feedback from employees during live or asynchronous presentations, whenever and wherever they happen. Learners say training is 87% more engaging, 63% more motivational, and 73% more effective when response technology is involved. And, there’s a 35% increase in training scores with response technology vs. traditional methods.

What Do They Say?

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Nearly three-quarters of workers are actively seeking a new job.
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lower turnover rate at organizations with high employee engagement scores, according to studies.
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of employees are truly engaged, despite the many benefits of employee engagement.

Know Your Team.

Just over 25% of employees say they emerge from onboarding feeling competent.  Echo360 can help. With EchoExam solutions like EchoExam,  you can ensure your employees have the knowledge they need to succeed. And EchoEngage tools like PointSolutions provide live polling and presentations with inline quizzes to monitor your new hire’s progress throughout, giving you ample opportunity to intervene.

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