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For all higher education use cases and teaching methods: lecture capture, flipped classrooms, campus video library, video accessibility, and more.

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Comprehensive doesn’t have to be complex.

Echo360 combines all of the video capabilities you need into a single, smart solution that is so easy to manage, it practically runs itself.

Works the way your instructors and students do.

Echo360 combines all of the video capabilities you need into a single, smart solution that is so easy to manage, it practically runs itself.
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Easily create, view, and share video from within your LMS, remotely, in class, on- or offline, or from your Mac, PC, or mobile device.
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Live Stream

Reliable, high-quality streaming with interactive features ensures access to live lectures and events from any preferred device.
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Video management system allows you to share content to a course or an individual student, and search content across an institution.
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Share Video

With the touch of a button, videos can be directly embedded into learning management systems and shared.
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Students record and upload class projects, answer polls, and participate in class discussions. Instructors track student engagement scores.

Turns passive video into active learning.

Who ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Video was once a flat tool for information sharing. Now, with Echo360’s integrated social learning and student response elements, student engagement increases seven-fold. Only Echo360 streamlines this experience to improve learning before, during, and after class.
  • Variable speed playback
  • Discussion Forum
  • Closed-captioning
  • Integrated assessment
  • Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Time-synced notes
  • Confusion flags

Provides data no one else can about student learning.

Echo360 provides new insight into student learning behaviors such as watching videos, reviewing content, asking questions or taking notes. Alone, these activities are meaningless single data points. Together, they establish patterns of risk and opportunity that educators and students can respond to in real time.
Early Warning

How We Are Used

Professor Teaching a College Class

Lecture Capture

Recording lectures gives students on-demand access to their studies and supports varied learning styles in a diverse student body.
Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Sharing information before and after class allows for more live interaction and discussion during class, increasing students’ overall understanding of course material.
Student Assignments

Student Assignments

Students can easily record and edit video assignments and share them with instructors for feedback.
Active Learning

Classroom Engagement and Polling

Using platform tools, students participate actively in class, even in lecture hall settings. They initiate discussions, ask and answer questions, and collect information into study guides.
Evaluating Video Platforms

Campus Video Library

Digital materials are organized, filtered, and shared to courses and sections, individual students or even the public.
Online Learning

Online Learning

Institutions can leverage recorded content to extend their reach through online or blended programs, offering remote students the same access as their in-classroom peers.
Video Accessibility

Video Accessibility

nstitutions looking to make learning more accessible to students can rely on Echo360’s automated lecture capture, accessible player and flexible captioning.
Event Streaming

Event Streaming

Echo360 supports high-quality, live broadcasting. Reliable, interactive streaming keeps an institution’s important events accessible to any audience.