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I think Echo360 has really allowed me to create that [lightbulb moment] with the student by having assets that reach every student with their learning style.
Marnie Imhoff
Assistant Professor and Associate Program Director in the Division of Medical Laboratory Science
University of Nebraska
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Echosystem Solution
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Creating Genuine Connections Through Echo360

Initially, Dr. Linsey Donner and Marnie Imhoff used EchoVideo to record lectures that students could watch asynchronously as part of a hybrid program. While they began by using EchoVideo to simply record lectures that could be posted into their learning management system, they knew there were features that could offer a richer educational experience to their students. They continued to record lectures and dove into the transcription process, providing students with closed captioning, and they started to see how the videos and the transcripts positively impacted students’ learning.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

One essential element of training healthcare workers is helping them to develop a strong critical thinking process. Echo360 helped to engage students to get them to reach for that deeper learning through videos and engagement techniques like the active learning platform, the polling platform within Echo, and more.


Echo360 increases equity in education using the polling feature. Targeted questions help instructors to figure out what students are struggling with and what concepts they know. That way, students get the help they actually need so instructors can spend time on those concepts that they don’t know, helping everyone get on the same page.


EchoVideo has additional tools that help instructors engage the students, like embedded polling in recorded lectures, so instructors can use in-classroom time to work through a case study or use polling to engage the audience and create that visual learning experience for them so they can actively learn in the classroom.


Imhoff says, “We did some research looking at how video views corresponded to course and exam grades. We did find that the more the students watched the videos, the more their exam scores and course grades increased,” demonstrating the positive effect that full-feature video has on the quality of learning.

3 Key Takeaways

Keep Climbing

Currently, Dr. Donner and Imhoff primarily use PointSolutions through Echo360 to engage with students, but they’re interested in providing other avenues for engagement, from gamification to whiteboards. They plan to use Dojo360 to create continuous and seamless learning modules that help facilitate that learning process for students.

Make it a Two-Way Street

Use PointSolutions as a tool to help you take advantage of every minute you have with your students. The results of questions can help you zero in on problems so you can help them to get to the point that they’re ready to take an exam or ready to go to the clinical laboratory and perform hands-on work confidently.

Accommodate Different Learning Styles

“I think Echo360 has really allowed me to create [a connection] with the student by having assets that reach every student with their learning style. Whether they want to read the transcript instead of watching the video because they learn by reading, I think that’s a great [option]. They can watch it if they’re an auditory learner and they can read the transcript if they learn through reading. And some students, I always tell them, have both up. Have the video up and have that transcript off to the side so that it’s highlighting what I’m saying so that they’re getting the best of both worlds,” says Imhoff.
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