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Be focused on your learning outcomes — you don’t need to compromise! Be clear on your own process and don’t be afraid to challenge the standard process, no matter what your use case is.
Ricky Muddimer
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Thinking Focus
At Thinking Focus, we believe that teams and business units underperform. Not by choice, but often because of organizational or self-imposed constraints. Thinking Focus is able to unlock productivity, implement change and deliver sustainable results.
Echosystem Solution

Gamifying Connections

Since 2020, Thinking Focus has been using Echo360 technology to help its users connect and engage with one another using gamification along with Echo360’s many other peer-to-peer features. Originally introduced to EchoEngage technology through a simple Google search, Thinking Focus chose EchoEngage tools as a way to make their game concept “What Would You Do?” work online. EchoEngage makes it simple for players to connect by providing multiple ways for them to interact. Virtual classrooms gave participants the chance to view content, take part in discussions, and participate in polling. Whether by mobile, web, or clicker, everyone gets a say in a classroom powered by Echo360.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

Thinking Focus leveraged EchoEngage’s many features to encourage deeper thinking and stronger connections between “What Would You Do?” participants in a low-pressure environment.


EchoEngage tools pair with PowerPoint and online meeting tools to create a group experience. During each session, a facilitator encourages everyone to participate and contribute through voting and discussion.


Echo360 allows Thinking Focus to set up a situation for the group to discuss and debate four options. Each option has a number of points assigned that in turn drive the leaderboard. Because social learning feels more informal, groups can explore together. Gamification abilities mean that individuals never disengage for fear of missing out on points, and group coaching means everyone gets a say. The psychology of “It’s just a game” is used to create a safe space and allows all participants to focus on doing the right thing.


Thinking Focus’s customers tell them that participants prefer this way of learning; in fact, one project led to an improvement of 4 out of 5 cultural metrics.

3 Key Takeaways

EchoEngage’s Features Enhance the Experience

Thinking Focus found that EchoEngage’s remote polling, live scoring, leaderboards, and overall flexibility best fit their mechanic and put it into action. Using EchoEngage technology, “What Would You Do?” blends social learning with gamification, group coaching, and psychology. This creates purposeful situational peer-to-peer conversations that accelerate group learning.

Keep Remote Learners Connected

When the pandemic was isolating learners, EchoEngage tools helped Thinking Focus’s clients continue learning and engaging by taking the concept of a traditional board game online, creating a model that was also attractive to remote or geographically-dispersed teams.

Noteworthy Results

Thinking Focus found success leveraging the Echosystem to build engagement and deliver results. With the help of the Echosystem, Thinking Focus successfully facilitated shared experiences and helped to boost public commitment to doing the right thing when it matters.
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