Prince of Peace Catholic School

Be specific about how you intend to use the materials and be sure to ask questions. The sales reps are fantastic and know every aspect of the capability of the software and devices.
Patty Bowman
Academic Technology Coordinator
Prince of Peace Catholic School
Prince of Peace Case Study
Prince of Peace Catholic School is devoted to instilling strong Catholic values, fostering a life of faith and servant leadership, providing a challenging academic environment, and inspiring each student to shine to the fullest extent of his or her God-given potential.
Echosystem Solution

Gamifying Learning

For the past year, Prince of Peace Catholic School has been leveraging Echo360’s EchoEngage to help encourage equity and engagement during academic competitions. After using online resources to compare options, Prince of Peace chose EchoEngage software and devices as a way to facilitate equitable competition between multiple schools. Leading EchoEngage features like anonymous polling, leaderboards, and team competitions -- along with proprietary response devices that keep data dependable and secure -- are perfectly suited to not only accommodate, but amplify, the academic competitions Prince of Peace has become known for among students and neighboring schools.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

By taking advantage of EchoEngage technology, Prince of Peace was able to operate academic competitions that met requirements and was fun, fair, and equitable for everyone.


The use of EchoEngage devices ensures equity among all student competitors. As 100% of Prince of Peace’s students bring different types of family-owned devices, EchoEngage levels the playing field by giving every student the same starting point.


EchoEngage makes increasing engagement simple: The school can choose to put a device in the hand of each student in a class, or, in the case of the competition, into the hand of one member of a team.


EchoEngage provides instructors with full reports of the students’ answers to the questions and ensures they come in within the required timeframe of 30 seconds. Prince of Peace also reports “extremely satisfied parents of our students”.

3 Key Takeaways

Multiple Uses to Get More from the Echosystem

Prince of Peace Catholic School primarily uses the software and devices for a multi-school academic competition at the beginning of each year. Outside the competition, the kit is available for teachers to check out at any time for classroom use.

Efficient and Effective Operation

EchoEngage facilitates more effective and efficient competition play. Questions needed to be projected while the proctor reads them aloud. Then, teams have just 30 seconds to answer. Competition administrators wanted to be able to see that every team submitted an answer within the time frame. They then run a report to see the top six teams that will participate in a challenge round.

Successful Outcomes

Prince of Peace ran smooth competitions with high engagement and parent/student satisfaction after incorporating EchoEngage into their process. What’s more, the software is making its way into classrooms, and teachers are discovering ways to deliver more engaging student experiences.
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