New York Power Authority

ExamView is an outstanding product with a short and simple learning curve.
Chuck Campbell
Senior Manager of Instructional Technology Solutions
New York Power Authority
The NYPA’s mission is to lead the transition to a carbon-free, economically vibrant New York through customer partnerships, innovative energy solutions, and the responsible supply of affordable, clean, and reliable electricity.
Echosystem Solution

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Currently providing pencil-and-paper testing during instructor-led classroom training, the NYPA is planning to expand its use of Echo360 technology in the near future to help them provide remote training that preserves testing integrity. Luckily, ExamView makes it easy to create both online and paper versions of tests. Our test generator helps you build engaging exams by allowing you to write your own questions — or you can simply pull questions from Echo360’s publishing partners that provide textbook content for students from K-12 to the trades. Then, you can choose question types, randomize the order of the test questions, and more. ExamView’s features ensure that you receive trustworthy results you can rely on.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

The NYPA found that ExamView works best when it matters most. Utility Operators need to have knowledge that they can put to work, and there’s no better way to ensure they have the smarts that matter than robust, thorough testing.


ExamView allows NYPA instructors to select questions from an exam bank based on learning objectives. Using questions from an exam bank is much more efficient than creating the exam questions from scratch, and there’s no need to cross-check against learning objectives to ensure they’re equitable. Because learning objectives are based on tasks, they are considered to be equitable for all learners being tested.


The NYPA plans to increase engagement by incorporating PointSolutions features like live polling into classroom instruction.


The test scores of Utility Operators demonstrate their understanding of key concepts. All NYPA Utility Operators are tested on a consistent basis and have to prove their knowledge through exams in order to remain proficient.

3 Key Takeaways

Create Multiple Versions of Tests in Seconds

The NYPA found ExamView to be an outstanding tool, used to easily create tests based on a bank of questions. The NYPA especially appreciated the ability to quickly create separate tests for each person taking the same test.

Simplicity of Use

The NYPA reported that the learning curve for ExamView is very short and simple. Campbell says, “If you have ever used MS Word, then using ExamView is relatively easy.”

Unparalleled Support

It’s easy to reach out to Echo360 for support and answers. The NYPA has only touched the surface of what Echo360 tools and products can provide and plans to increase its use of the tools in the future.
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