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University of Edinburgh Case Study: Successful IT Procurement – Capturing and Embracing the Student Voice

The student’s voice is so often the driver of positive change in higher education. So when the University of Edinburgh decided to make lecture recording available at scale to improve the student experience, a student representative was placed at the heart of the procurement process. Students also played a major role in the smooth rollout of the system into lecture halls and teaching rooms.

The first choice lecture recording solution was Echo360, which emphasizes quality teaching and learning across the university and its use continues to grow rapidly.

All those involved in the project now regard the idea of implementing student-facing technology without student input as almost unthinkable.

To read the full case study, download a free copy by clicking here. You’ll receive a PDF copy of the full-length case study and learn how Edinburgh University is using Echo360 to:

Strong Take-up: 50% of students logged in within six months, although less than half of lecture rooms had Echo360 installed at the time.
Meeting Students’ Needs: Easy to use and allows multiple resources to be captured during a session, including the lecturer speaking as well as the chalkboard they are writing on.
High Performance: A reliable, state-of-the-art lecture capture solution for both staff and students.