Are there benefits to video-based learning? Students and faculty alike believe that there are. In a survey published on Avaya, students and instructors reacted to the potential benefits of video based learning, pointing to a need for continued development in this particular field.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

The largest benefit claimed in the survey was the ability for students to learn anytime, anywhere. As society becomes increasingly mobile and fluid, and the non-traditional learner becomes a more important part of the educational landscape, this benefit is growing in significance.

Video Based Learning Improves Student Engagement

Today’s educational world is changing, and students and educators are both adapting. According to the survey, 89 percent of those surveyed indicated they thought video-based learning was driven by student engagement. Students are learning in an economy where technology is a vital part of daily life, and rich, streaming video available at any time makes it easier for them to access education and keeps them engaged with the course content well beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Video-Based Learning Works in a Blended Learning Environment

In the survey, 79 percent of the respondents indicated they were embracing video-based learning because of the use in a virtual or blended learning environment. Blended learning environments are proving to be very effective, and video-based instruction makes them easier to implement.

Video-Based Learning Reaches a Wider Audience

Students are not the only ones to benefit from video-based learning. One of the benefits of this model for instructors is the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Classrooms are limited in the number of students they can reach, but videos can be sent to a significantly higher number of students. This, in turn, provides a financial benefit, reducing expenses and teaching staff as one instructor can meet the learning needs of a larger number of students.

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform offers a video capture technology that enables both live or on-demand viewing of course instruction. This provides a flexible learning platform that can be tailored to the needs of the modern institution looking to capitalize on these benefits.

Learn how Case Western Reserve University is using Echo360 to enhance teaching and learning with the innovative use of video.



Case Western Reserve University is using Echo360 lecture capture to fuel anywhere, anytime learning.