Better video.Better engagement.Better learning.

Echo360 turns classrooms and events into collaborative communities of learning and success by combining industry-leading video, engagement and analytics into one unified experience.

More students learn with Echo360 than any other video platform.

3 million
students per term
7 times
more engagement
17 percent
higher grades
interactions per minute
videos created per hour
60 million
content views per term

Explore what Echo360 can do for you.

Instructor-friendly. Reliable.
The most effective video platform for learning.

  • Recording, playback and content management
  • Software or hardware capture for any classroom
  • Highest quality 1080p recording
  • Up to 10x more reliable
  • Drives 7x higher student utilization
  • Affordable from pilot to campus-wide deployment

Power the modern classroom experience.

Student engagement increases seven-fold when social learning and student response tools are integrated with video. Echo360 is the only provider to bring these technologies together in one streamlined experience to improve student interactivity and learning – before, during and after class.

Echo360 provides real time learning data no one else can.

Echo360 provides new insight into student learning behaviors such as watching videos, reviewing content, asking questions or taking notes. Alone, these activities are meaningless single data points. Together, they establish patterns of risk and opportunity that educators and students can respond to in real time.

Timely data leads to proactive intervention and big results.

Echo360 data makes your other systems more effective.

Echo360 tackles the classroom portion of your student success programs and makes your results better. We lead in open standards, pedagogical research communities and integration with your existing technology investments.