The smarter video platform for education

Echo360: the first video platform designed to foster active, engaged, and personalized video-based learning.

Redefining Learning Engagement

Echo360 and Turning have merged to create the most comprehensive global solution for video recording and streaming, video content management, audience engagement, and analytics.

Inclusive and Accessible Video Matters

Our new ASR solution provides a pathway to affordable captioning and immersive student learning.
Echo360 class on iPad

What we do.

Only Echo360 combines video management with lecture capture and active learning to increase student success.

Echo360 for
higher education.

Improve student success with a smarter, more engaging video platform.

Echo360 for
continuing education.

Transform your events into advanced online education.

Echo360 Community Conferences

Join us at an Echo360 Community Conference near you to network with your peers, share video capture and active learning best practices, learn about new product capabilities and roadmap items, and discuss research and initiatives for the year ahead.

Echo360 Community Conference

July 27-29, 2021

Australia and New Zealand Community Conference

Dec. 7-9, 2021

Students across the globe demand active learning.

From launching institution-wide initiatives to opting to pay for the technology themselves, today’s students—tomorrow’s professionals—are speaking out about how they prefer to learn.

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