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The platform is intuitive in nature and it benefits the students. At the end of the day, they’re what matters.
Christopher Truelove
Assistant Professor
Augusta University
Our mission is to provide leadership and excellence in teaching, discovery, clinical care, and service as a student-centered comprehensive research university and academic health center with a wide range of programs from learning assistance through postdoctoral studies.
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Echosystem Solution

Leveling Up Instruction with the Echosystem

"I'm an individual who believes in hybridizing education from an online and in-person perspective, and so even though all of our courses are performed in person, there is a good percentage of it that's still given online." No matter where students are learning, Echo360 makes it possible for students to access course materials and create video assignments that demonstrate competency. On-demand lessons also open up more time for instructors, giving them the opportunity to spend focused time with students. And by providing all students with the opportunity to go back and review concepts whenever it’s convenient for them, Echo360 technology makes sure no one gets left in the dark.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

Teachers found that in a laboratory setting, students were demonstrating a wide range of competency levels due to many differences in the instruction given to the student, particularly in terms of practical skills. While the textbook explained some concepts, teachers knew they had to standardize what students are being asked to do.


As we all know, not every student learns the same way. But despite challenges in delivery, teachers can still provide students with the same opportunity to learn the material. EchoVideo gives teachers the ability to provide students with enhanced instruction so all students can arrive at class with the same information.


EchoVideo allows all students to raise their hands, no matter where they are. Students can also flag areas of the lecture where they have questions so the professor can see exactly what they need help with.


Augusta University created "competency sheets,” 165 step-by-step procedure lists for students that were designed to standardize learning. To demonstrate their competency, students log into the cloud, use their webcam, and record themselves and their peers performing the skills. Then, they upload it to the Echo360 cloud for professors to grade. Since implementing this procedure, skill levels have skyrocketed and students’ grades are improving.

3 Key Takeaways

Use Echo360 Technology to Enhance Education

Leverage EchoVideo’s abilities by using it in combination with an iPad. Recording on an iPad is especially useful for showing calculations or showing work for detailed processes.

Reach Out to Learn More

Reach out to the people who can provide you with the assistance you may need because there are thousands of resources out there that you may not always be aware of. Be open to learning more about what Echo360 can do for you — the support is there.

Expand Student Access

EchoVideo makes it simple for teachers to record classes and post them for later use. Teachers can also create booster sessions where tough subjects are covered in more depth and can provide additional resources.
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