Encouraging student participation and keeping them engaged was a challenge many instructors faced during the rapid pivot to emergency remote learning last Spring. But by using Echo360, student response activities can be embedded into classroom presentations and videos. These activities can be used to assess student learning and promote thoughtful discussion regardless of how a course is delivered: online, on-campus, or by using a blended or hybrid learning approach.

In this four-episode series of the Vodcast, The Guide on the Side, host Dr. Perry Samson describes the types of questions he asks his students using Echo360 and how these questions foster student awareness of their own learning. The answers his students provide, and the logic behind them, create opportunities for him to provide valuable feedback and promote deeper understanding of his course material.

Here is a summary of each episode and a link to the video.

Using Image Questions in Class

In this episode, Dr. Samson demonstrates how he uses image-based questions to challenge his students to see if they understand the concepts being presented in class.

Using Numerical Questions in Class

Dr. Samson shows us how he asks his students to justify their answer when responding to numerical questions. He uses their answers and justifications to identify students who may be at risk and create opportunities for remediation.

Using Multiple Choice Questions in Class

Multiple choice questions can be used to reveal student thinking and the logic behind their answers to questions. In this episode, Dr. Samson describes how multiple-choice questions can uncover student logic that may be flawed even when a student has provided the correct answer.

Using Short-Answer Questions in Class

In this episode, Dr. Samson shows how he uses open-ended questions to give students an opportunity to reflect on the material being presented and to facilitate classroom discussion.

Did you miss the first part of the Vodcast series? Watch “The Guide on the Side” Vodcast introduction.

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