We are pleased to announce a new Vodcast series designed to help instructors using Echo360 learn the skills to teach online or hybrid courses in the upcoming academic term.

The Vodcast, “The Guide on the Side” is hosted by Dr. Perry Samson, Echo360’s head of teaching innovation and Arthur F. Thurnau professor of climate and space sciences and engineering at the University of Michigan.

Throughout the vodcast series, Dr. Samson demonstrates how Echo360 can be used to:

  • Provide both synchronous and asynchronous instruction: face-to-face, online, or using a hybrid approach
  • Deliver active teaching and learning in all modes of instruction
  • Engage learners with instructors, learning content, and their peers
  • Measure student engagement and performance via assessment and analytics

In his first video, “Using Echo360 to Teach On-Campus in the Era of Social Distancing,” Dr. Samson describes how Echo360 can be used to teach students face-to-face while live-streaming lectures and presentations online to learners who must social-distance.

The second video of the series, “Using Echo360 for Hybrid Learning: Synchronously and Asynchronously,” will help instructors create hybrid or blended courses that include activities that encourage student participation and engagement.

In the third episode, “Using Echo360 for Asynchronous Online Learning,” Dr. Samson demonstrates how Echo360 can deliver a fully online, yet highly interactive and engaging learning experience for your students.

“The Guide on the Side” is designed for all Echo360 users, from novice to expert, and will help instructors create classes that are more engaging and interesting. The series demonstrates how Echo360 can help instructors move from an instructor-centered to a learner-driven classroom.

Ready for Part 2 of the Vodcast Series? Check out Part 2 of the Guide on the Side Vodcast Series: Using Echo360 Student Response Tools for a More Engaging Online or Hybrid Learning Experience.

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