Hybrid learning, a type of classroom structure that includes both online components and classroom time, is becoming increasingly popular in the modern university system. In a recent article, Northeastern University explored five reasons that hybrid learning is worth considering.

1. Allows Better Time Management for Students

Students in this type of learning environment can manage their time on their schedule, because less time is required in face-to-face class time. Yet the face-to-face class time helps students stay on track with deadlines, because it provides a measure of accountability from the instructor.

2. Includes Face Time with Instructors and Students

Students may do better with occasional in-person connections with their teachers and fellow students compared to a completely online class. This also provides the opportunity to collaborate on projects and network with the instructor when needed.

3. Online Discussions Make All Students Equal

Extroverted and introverted students have a level playing field in online discussions, which can help promote a better learning environment. Also, students who have English as a second language can contribute thoughtful responses to class discussions, because they will have a chance to work out a strong response.

4. Learning Happens All Week Long

This learning model benefits students by allowing them access to coursework all week long, rather than just relying on the interactions that happen during every-other-day classroom sessions.

5. It Has Proven Results

According to the U.S. Department of Education, this model benefits students because it works. By researching over 1,000 studies on the subject, the Department of Education determined that hybrid learning proved to be the most effective teaching style in improving learning outcomes.

So how can the modern instructor change from a traditional classroom environment to one that embraces hybrid learning benefits? Echo360 has created a platform where students and teachers can connect digitally using a unique, interactive platform. With the option for video-based instruction, interactive in-class options, and better tracking and learning analytics for educators, the Echo360 Active Learning Platform is a simple way to begin creating a more flexible learning environment, so students can benefit from this better instructional option.

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