Vocational Training Institutions Offer a Flexible Edge for Today’s Students

Vocational Training Institutions Offer a Flexible Edge for Today’s Students

Today’s students look different than years ago and often struggle to keep up-to-date with their studies given the demands of work and everyday life obligations.  To address this challenge, TAFE and RTO institutions in Australia and New Zealand are finding new and creative ways to reach students both inside and outside of the classroom and are turning to innovative technologies like Echo360 to help students succeed. Here are just a few examples of how institutions are using Echo360 to improve student outcomes.

Videos Give North Coast TAFE Students an Edge

At North Coast TAFE, Echo360 offers flexibility for both instructors and students. Using Echo360’s software-based video and lecture capture, instructors can impart main lecture concepts in a variety of ways so that regardless of learning style or situation, students can access class information at any time from anywhere, without losing value.


Improving Student Learning and Satisfaction at Box Hill Institute

All degrees at Box Hill Institute are incorporating Echo360 so as to better reach their kinesthetic and distance learners. The greater freedom and access to course materials that Echo360 provides is leading to increased student satisfaction, particularly in their vocational programs.


Using Echo360 to Engage Students Inside and Outside the Classroom at Alphacrucis College

At Alphacrucis College, students often have to integrate their studies with practical life experience. Echo360 allows students to creatively connect whether they’re in the classroom or a distance student. The platform also allows instructors to gauge engagement levels of their distance students. You can read more about how Echo360 is one part of a holistic learning experience at Alphacrucis in this spotlight blog article.


Navitas – Building a Learning Community Using Echo360

Both the faculty and students at Navitas benefit from using Echo360. Instructors are using the insight Echo360 provides into student engagement and video views to better shape and focus their teaching – exchanging information and forming a true learning community. Students enjoy having more power over their learning with access to flexible class and review materials.