What is the value of employee training and development?

Training and development are vital to ensuring an educated workforce, improving company culture and boosting customer satisfaction. This explains why organizations are often willing to invest significantly in both company-wide and individualized training programs. Of course, while devoting time and resources to employee training is an essential piece of the puzzle, having the right tools…

What Is a Learning Ecosystem and Should I Get One?

We all have mobile devices that enable the easy discovery and use of content, and employees expect those simple tools to be a part of their work lives, as well as being curated and personalized. A good Learning Ecosystem can do that.

What is edtech doing with your data?

As we mark one year this May since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force, it is vital that universities have the peace of mind in terms of their data.

What is interactive learning?

With Echo360Point, instructors have the power to schedule interactive questions to be completed outside of class time.