Training and development are vital to ensuring an educated workforce, improving company culture and boosting customer satisfaction. This explains why organizations are often willing to invest significantly in both company-wide and individualized training programs. Of course, while devoting time and resources to employee training is an essential piece of the puzzle, having the right tools to support an effective learning environment is just as important.

What is the value of employee training?

According to the Association for Talent Development, the average amount organizations invested on training and development in 2017 amounted to $1,296 and 34 hours of training per employee.

The numbers reveal that training is a priority. That’s not surprising, considering how often training is needed throughout an employee’s career. At the beginning, orientation sessions serve not only to train employees on the essentials, but also to set the tone for their time at the company.

Beyond onboarding, training is crucial for ensuring that employees are up-to-date on company policies, trends in the industry and important safety guidelines. This type of continuous development not only improves employee knowledge overall, but also results in a workforce that is better able to respond to challenges and serve customers’ needs both day-to-day and in the long-term.

It’s clear that you cannot have a successful business without a strong foundation. That’s why Turning Technologies’ easy-to-use TurningPoint learning platform provides tools to improve learning experiences and meet the training needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Scheduled surveys and assessments

With TurningPoint’s scheduling feature, trainers can assign employees interactive questions to be completed anywhere at times convenient for them. This kind of assessment is ideal either as a follow-up to an in-person session, or as part of a completely self-paced program.

Tying online assessments to trainings and employee development opportunities lets trainers evaluate knowledge retention and effortlessly track completion. Detailed reports give further insights into analytics that measure both overall training effectiveness and the progress of individual learners.

In addition, a quick online survey is a great follow-up to gather valuable feedback to help improve any training.

Live polling

Unlike most other asynchronous learning tools, TurningPoint also gives trainers the power to assess and engage employees in real time. Live polling starts with simply creating and asking interactive questions as part of a PowerPoint presentation, an online question list or over top of any application using a floating toolbar.

Participants then respond using either hardware clickers or their own cell phones, laptops or computers. Results display instantly for all to see, which can inspire discussions, guide lessons and provide insight into the minds of your attendees.

As with scheduled surveys and assessments, all results are saved so that trainers can track completion and run detailed reports on every session.

Response technology can give organizations the tools they need to measurably improve employee engagement and results. Businesses can use this technology to enhance their efforts to create an informed, engaged and knowledgeable workforce – and give their company the ROI of an unbeatable competitive advantage.