Implementing technology solutions for colleges is important, but it does bring some specific challenges for campuses across the UK and Europe. In a recent blog post, Jisc discussed some of these challenges which all universities looking to embed technology into the learning experience must address. At Echo360, we believe that our Active Learning Platform can help address each of these challenges.

Issue 1: Consistency

Students want the same experience no matter which module or instructor they have, using the same interface to sign in, interact and utilise university services. A mobile platform, like the Echo360 Active Learning Platform, helps create this consistency. Also, universities can improve consistency with a standardised curriculum and assessment procedures that utilize the same technology across the campus.

Issue 2: Embedding Strategy

The strategic rhetoric that indicates a desire to embed technology into the learning experience and the actual work the lecturers do sometimes has a disconnect. This can occur because the instructors and other university staff lack the proper skills to implement the technology effectively.

Universities have two options to overcome this. First, they can select a program that is simple to implement, scale and use, such as Echo360. Second, they can invest in training their staff to improve skills and make the embedding of technology easier for students and instructors alike.

Issue 3: Engaging Students as Partners

Finally, the Jisc article illustrated that one challenge in embedding technology solutions for colleges is the challenge of creating an environment where students are treated as (and respected as) partners, not just in the classroom, but also when selecting a digital design program. The interactive features in the Echo360 solution make partnering with students in the classroom easier. Echo360 also enables instructors to engage with students while choosing and designing a digital student experience.

Embedding technology solutions for colleges requires a carefully designed strategy combined with the right platform that works for both students and instructors. With this two-fold strategy, universities can partner with students to increase student engagement and streamline educational efforts with the help of modern technology.

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