The use of video in the classroom and in lecture halls is widespread. However, video has many other applications outside of traditional classroom settings. More and more, universities use video to live stream events, conduct faculty and staff professional development, and to facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

At our recent Dallas Active Learning Conference, Jayson Grogan, Manager of Educational and Research Applications at Wake Forest University School of Medicine (WFSM) presented two innovative use cases on how Wake Forest uses Echo360 that demonstrates the flexibility of the system for use outside of the traditional classroom.

Improving Student Services through the Office of Financial Aid

The WFSM Office of Financial Aid offers a wide range of student support workshops and classes. But, because of demanding student class schedules, attendance was an issue, causing many students to miss out on valuable and important information.

In 2016, the Office began using Echo360 to live stream and record workshop presentations. During the live stream, presenters used Echo360 engagement tools including polling, chat, and Q&A features to make the presentation highly interactive, enhance overall understanding of the content, and allow for students to ask clarifying questions in real time in an anonymous and risk-free way.

Because the presentations were recorded, the Office has a video library of all their workshops and webinars. Students now have 24×7, on-demand access to the workshop presentations and can view them at times convenient to their schedule. As a result, the financial aid office is able to amplify its presence among the student body across all campuses at WFSM.

Providing Flexible Delivery Options for an Important Med School Teaching Tool – Grand Rounds

Grand rounds are an important teaching tool in any school of medicine, as it allows doctors, residents, and students to discuss medical problems and treatments related to medical care. It’s considered a vital supplement to resident training.

Each Wednesday from 6:30 am to 8:00 am, WFSM Department of Anesthesiology holds grand rounds, during which doctors discuss their most difficult cases. However, attendance at these sessions was erratic and students and faculty alike expressed a desire to view and attend these sessions remotely.

To help improve attendance and participation, the Department began using Echo360 in 2016 to deliver its grand rounds sessions online. Grand rounds are both streamed live and recorded, allowing students to:

  • Attend in person,
  • Watch the live-stream remotely, or
  • Watch and review the recorded session at a time that is convenient to them.

Faculty and administrators now use Echo360 to track attendance. Since students now have three options to participate, attendance for these important sessions has now increased.

These are just two examples of how video and Echo360 can be used to improve teaching, learning, and the student experience. We invite you to watch Jayson Grogan’s presentation.


Our next Active Learning Conference takes us to Washington, D. C. at George Mason Law. This is a chance for you to discover how institutions around the world use Echo360 to transform teaching and learning. We invite you to view the conference agenda and register today.