We’ve Made It Easier to Create a More Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience for Live or Online Courses

We’ve Made It Easier to Create a More Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience for Live or Online Courses

With the latest release, Echo360 becomes the only video platform offering reusable polls and quizzes, shareable among instructors and TAs, for both live and online courses. Echo360’s video-embedded polling gives instructors an important tool to help make their classes more engaging and to assess student learning regardless of how the class is delivered – in-person, online, or hybrid.

Echo360 now allows instructors to build a personal library of reusable poll and quiz questions, which makes creating interactive learning content for live and online courses easier.

With Echo360, interactive polls do not need to be recreated each time they are needed. For example, instructors often ask the same question in multiple courses. It is also common practice to provide the same polls to online learners as were presented in class. With our latest release, instructors only need to create a poll once, thereby saving time and effort.

Additionally, instructors can easily share their interactive media with peers, allowing academic departments to collaboratively enhance course content with interactive assessments. Instructors can choose among a range of question types for student response including:

  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • ordered lists
  • numerical
  • image quizzes

Once embedded in a video, poll questions are “gated” for student viewers, requiring the student to respond to the poll before they can continue viewing. By including these activities within their videos and class presentations, instructors can gain valuable insights into student learning as well as measure student comprehension. Polls and quizzes also help with metacognition and give students an understanding of their own learning and mastery of the material presented.

Watch the video below to learn how reusable, embedded polls can increase student engagement, effectively assess their learning, and gather critical feedback across all teaching modalities.

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