For the past 10 years, Columbia Law School has used Echo360 as its video and lecture capture platform.

“Law students have a tremendous amount of information that they need to comprehend and master,” says Luis Bello, director of multimedia at Columbia Law School. “We also have students for whom English is their second language. For our students, the ability to use Echo360 to go back and review classroom lecture video is critical to their success.”

While student demand and instructor use of classroom video continues to grow, the Law School has maximized its investment in Echo360 by using it for applications beyond traditional lecture capture, including recording and live-streaming on-campus events and conferences.

“Because of our unique facilities, the Law School has become a default conference center for the University,” says Bello. “Other schools and departments across the University, from the President’s office to the Business School, use our conference spaces. We use Echo360 to record these events and live stream them to overflow attendees or to people who might not otherwise be able to attend.”

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Follow

According to Bello, Echo360’s intuitive design makes it easy for students and conference attendees to follow along with the conference presentations.

“Echo360 is laid out like an app and users intuitively understand how to use it. They always comment that they like having the ability to view the presentation slides alongside the presenter. This approach makes presentations easier to follow, which is especially important when you are streaming an event to an overflow audience.”

Bello says that, in the past year alone, about 1,000 events were recorded using Echo360. These events ranged from guest speakers to large conferences that attracted up to 500 on-site attendees with several hundred more watching the event via the Echo360 live stream. The ability to easily start and stop Echo360 recordings means that Bello’s team can give event organizers access to the system.

“The admin interface makes it easy to set the starting and ending times for recording and we don’t have to be there physically. It’s so easy to use that we sometimes grant administrative access to the conference organizer so they can stop and start recordings themselves. From a technical and administrative perspective, it means we can support these events and activities without creating a lot of extra work for us.”


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