Maximizing Your Lecture Capture Investment – Webinar

Maximizing Your Lecture Capture Investment – Webinar

Join us on February 19, 2015 at 11AM EST for our webinar: Maximizing Your Lecture Capture for the Future. Attendees will hear from a panel of guests from Case Western Reserve University, a trailblazer in the innovative campus-wide use of lecture capture to enhance teaching and learning. The topics covered in this one hour webinar include:

  • Why mapping an institutional strategy to lecture capture deployment is vital to success for IT and ROI.
  • How to encourage lecture capture adoption among faculty.
  • The importance of implementation and operational support at CWRU.
  • How lecture capture benefits all students.
  • How lecture capture helps drive new student centered pedagogies such as flipping the classroom and why this matters to your instructors.
  • How to use analytics to demonstrate program success and improve learning outcomes.

If your institution is considering lecture capture and student engagement solutions, or evaluating technologies to flip the classroom or conduct online learning, or exploring strategies to improve student learning outcomes, you’ll definitely want to attend.

Follow the conversation on Twitter before, during and after by using the hashtag #lecturecapture.