6 Key Reasons Echo360 is a Smarter Video Platform Than Kaltura

Unlike Kaltura, a generic video toolkit for all industries, the Echo360 video platform is specifically designed to help colleges and universities improve student outcomes and save money.

Universal Capture Slashes Training & Support Costs and Boosts Reliability


With Echo360, there is one way to create video and it’s called Universal Capture. So, whether you are recording your classroom or creating a personal screencast, you use the same application with the same intuitive interface. Universal Capture is the only video solution that offers an identical experience on Mac and Windows computers, mobile devices, and optional Echo360 capture appliances. Regardless of your device of choice, it’s still all Universal Capture with one-click recording that will minimize training, reduce your support burden and improve user adoption, so you get the greatest return on your video platform investment.

Kaltura sells different applications with different interfaces for personal and classroom video capture. Kaltura Lecture Capture runs exclusively on Windows computers, meaning they provide no native Mac classroom recording solution. For reliable capture in classrooms equipped with sophisticated audio/video equipment, Kaltura directs users to purchase third-party capture devices built and supported by other vendors. The complexity of this multi-product/multi-vendor architecture increases training and support costs and can inhibit user adoption. Third-party hardware can never be as consistently reliable as a single-vendor solution that tightly integrates the hardware into the platform.

Dedicated Customer Success Team is Always There for You

To Echo360, education is not a market, it is our mission.
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We employ a high-touch customer success model designed specifically for the real-world needs of colleges and universities around the world. Echo360 is the only video platform provider that designates a dedicated Customer Success team for each client comprising the following roles:
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Deployment Manager
  • Training & Development Specialist
  • Technical Support Representative

While Kaltura may have dedicated higher education sales people, support tickets go through a call center and clients don’t have dedicated support contacts who understand the unique needs of each client. When contacting support for Kaltura, you can’t be sure you will reach someone who is familiar with your deployment and your unique needs as a client.

The Echo360 support is phenomenal. Great support is crucial to teaching success.

– 2018 CSAT Survey Respondent

Active Video Measurably Improves Student Outcomes

DFW Rates Decline by More than half to 9% in Political Science Course with Video and Active Learning
Echo360 is the only video platform that improves student learning via an interactive classroom environment with tools to promote engagement, such as live in-class polling, time-synced notes and discussions, and a unique transcript window that makes video more accessible and engaging. With Echo360, students are able to interact with their instructor, the presentation materials and other students before, during and after class, whether on campus or remote. Students engage with video content, instructors, and each other to create an active learning experience that can be reviewed and replayed at any time and these interactions create unique student engagement analytics that are predictive of student success. The interactive classroom is available via any browser or via the Echo360 mobile app, so students can engage with the device of their choice.

Better Automatic Transcription Makes Video More Inclusive and Accessible

Hear Student Reaction to Echo360’s Innovative Automated Speech Recognition Solution at LSU Health Sciences

Videos in Echo360 can be automatically transcribed via the highly accurate Amazon Transcribe, a secure, native web service that requires no transmission of client data to an external provider. Recordings are processed for transcription in the same Amazon Web Services (AWS) location as your Echo360 deployment in the US, Canada, Ireland, or Australia, eliminating the risk of violating regional privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Students have a dedicated transcript panel to read along with the audio, search for content, and copy text into their notes, providing a multi-modal learning experience that increases the effectiveness and accessibility of your video. Transcripts can also be edited into fully compliant closed captions but are never published to the closed caption track automatically since they are unlikely to meet the 99% accuracy required by accessibility laws. Echo360 includes a large amount of video transcription with each license and has the lowest rate for additional hours, making transcription scalable across any deployment.

While Kaltura offers machine transcription, it is sourced by a third-party service to which video files must be sent externally, then received and reintegrated to Kaltura for playback. If the files must be sent to an external provider for transcription, this approach may trigger GDPR or other privacy compliance violations for institutions based outside the US. Additionally, these machine transcripts are published into the closed captioning track over the video, instead of being kept in a separate transcript panel. Since machine transcription is not accurate enough to serve as closed captioning, this practice can lead to serious liability issues around accessibility and a poor experience for users with disabilities.

Extends the Value of Your LMS

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Echo360 is deeply integrated with your LMS and is the only video platform that can extend your LMS into the classroom with student engagement activities like polling and note-taking that are then captured and synced to the class video. Students and instructors can access the entire Echo360 platform directly via the LMS as well as embed videos in LMS tools like student assignments, discussions, and announcements.

Kaltura is integrated with the LMS but offers no in-class engagement to extend the value of your LMS investment and capture learning activity during class.

The Only Video Platform You Need, Designed Specifically for Education

Echo360 is the only leading video solution provider specializing in powerful, scalable, and reliable video platforms designed specifically for higher education. The Echo360 video management capabilities are robust without the unnecessary complexity of features designed for corporate needs, enabling you to save money by consolidating your video management into a single platform. By consolidating your video in Echo360, you will get more unique engagement data that is proven to increase student outcomes, so whether you are looking to get started in video or to consolidate multiple platforms, we’re confident that Echo360 is the right choice and will be the only video platform you need.

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