Dr. Colin Montpetit, Assistant Professor, Biology at the University of Ottawa knows how to get his students to participate in class. Even though many of his lecture courses top 200 students or more, he is consistently able to redirect students away from social media and other distractions and back to the topic at hand: biology and genetics.

How does he do it? Dr. Monpetit engages his students using the tools that are available within the Echo360 Active Learning Platform. These tools include:

  • Enabling anonymous student participation and using low-stakes testing.
  • Receiving real-time feedback and insights based on students’ questions and answers. This lets him make on-the-spot modifications to his lecture to clear up confusing.
  • Quiz and question students using a wide range of question types including multiple choice, short answer, ordered lists, image quizzes, or by simply asking students to “ask me a question” or indicate anonymously if they are confused.

Dr. Montpetit will present his findings and share his experience using Echo360 at our upcoming Active Learning Conference in Los Angeles on September 21-22. In his presentation, “Transforming the Large Enrollment Lecture Classroom into an Active Learning Zone,” he will talk about his experience using a wide-range of student engagement technology before selecting Echo360. He will also share early trends on student learning outcomes and provide tips how instructors can use Echo360 to do the same.

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