If you followed our 30 Days of Lecture Capture series, you already know that simply recording lectures and putting them online doesn’t cut it anymore.  The debate is over – lecture capture improves student outcomes.

State-of-the-art lecture capture incorporates active learning tools that help boost student participation, creates personalized learning experiences, and captures learner analytics to help instructors understand how their students are learning. Most importantly, it puts both the instructor and students first and it includes these top ten teaching and learning “must haves.”

  1. Instructors should be able to choose how they present their material – even if that is an existing PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Instructors should be able to easily create their course within an existing learning management system.
  3. Instructors should be able to easily edit, update, and manage all of their course content within the system.
  4. Instructors should be able to track student progress and outcomes through easy-to-use and comprehensive analytics dashboards that display learner behaviors and outcomes.
  5. Instructors should have a range of student engagement tools; lecture capture has evolved from simple classroom video capture and replay.
  6. Students should be able to play back course content on any device they choose – laptop, tablet, smartphone.
  7. Students should be able to take notes, annotate slides all within the body of the content, regardless of whether it is recorded or streamed live.
  8. Lecture capture should support the way you teach and give instructors multiple ways to create their course content.
  9. Important to campus IT-professionals and administrators, a modern lecture capture solution should be able to scale and be available anytime and anywhere to large numbers of students. And finally,
  10. Your lecture capture solution partner should be able to support instructors and their campuses with best practices for use and adoption.