Recently, Kent Judkins, Media Specialist and Echo360 administrator at LSU Health Sciences presented the new Echo360 automated speech recognition(ASR) solution to a lecture hall filled with 150 students. This is the first time they had seen the solution and its capabilities. Their reaction is, well . . . priceless.

While a few video platform companies leverage ASR for improved search capabilities, Echo360 has been rethinking the role of ASR as a foundational educational technology. In a recent article that appeared on EdSurge, Echo360 CEO Fred Singer discussed the many benefits of ASR. He said that ASR would change the way in which students’ study because of its ability to link the classroom to other resources and capabilities such as search, note taking, study guides, and big data.

Echo360 now “automatically creates text transcripts from the audio track in the videos and makes them available for students and instructors to view directly from within the classroom player,” said Singer. “The main benefit here is obvious; students have access to searchable transcripts, automatically generated, so they get them quickly enough to be useful. And it’s this service that makes it possible for our system to turn a classroom lecture into a study guide.”

The student reaction at LSU Health Sciences speaks to value of this unique and thoughtful use of ASR technology for learning included in the Echo360 video platform.

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