We recently delivered three of the most requested features that our clients have asked for via the Feedback link in the platform: Zoom integration, IP camera support and HLS (HTTP live streaming). We’re always listening, so if you have something you would like to see us implement, don’t hesitate to ask. The Feedback link can be found under the gear menu in the Echo360 platform. Now let’s take a look at those features.

Zoom Integration

You can now integrate your Echo360 environment with your Zoom video conferencing service. Some benefits of this integration include:

  • Automatic publishing of Zoom cloud recordings to your Echo360 library.
  • Ability to edit, tag, and transcribe (ASR) Zoom video recordings.
  • Easily share with others or embed Zoom videos in your LMS content.

The Echo360 Zoom integration is easy to configure. To get started, go to Configurations > Zoom Configurations or just search for Echo360 in the Zoom Marketplace at https://marketplace.zoom.us/.

Zoom marketplace

IP Camera Support

Your Echo360 environment now supports recording via IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. You can connect to any camera that supports the RTSP streaming protocol and access it directly in the source list for Echo360 Universal Capture. Some reasons you may want to use IP cameras include:

IP Camera


  • No more HDMI cables, which are limited in length and often get unplugged by users.
  • Access to advanced tracking and zooming cameras.
  • IP cameras can be remotely configured and administered.

To get started with IP cameras in your Echo360 environment see the documentation here.


HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

Echo360 now uses the HTTP protocol for live streams as well as video on demand (vod). HLS brings several benefits to Echo360 users, including:

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)


  • No more need for Flash with Live streams, so your browsers will be more secure!
  • Adaptive streaming automatically selects the appropriate quality with vod media.
  • More scalable streaming for large classes and events.

HLS is available now in the platform, so feel free to uninstall Flash if you don’t need it for other sites.


Start using these features now or contact us to see a demo.

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