Echo360 has made a significant investment in integrating with learning management systems (LMS) meaning that it now works entirely inside your LMS for easy inline content creation and embedding.

One university that knows all about this is Brock University, a public research university serving more than 19,000 students in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada. While they do not record content in lecture theatres, Brock selected Echo360 as their campus video platform based on the product’s tight, seamless integration with the LMS. Matt Clare, associate director of technology-enabled learning, told me, “We were seeking options for strengthening our video inside the LMS. Echo360 seemed to have the best option for us to smoothly integrate the video experience for both the person creating the video and the viewer.”

Three years into the relationship, Matt tells us that with the 2020 lockdown, it was necessary to scale up use of other tools such as video conferencing software. “We were really focused on that task and Echo360 just scaled up immediately without much intervention from us at all.” Due to the seamless integration, Brock University ended 2020 with Echo360 being used in 99% of their courses, and they expect the recently released integrations between Echo360 and MS Teams to continue supporting their use of online technologies.  As Mike Brousseau, manager of educational technologies says, “Anytime we can integrate our platforms in a tight way, it’s a good time.”

Alisa Cunnington, learning technologist and teacher at Brock University, sums up the benefits of a tight integration between a video platform and the LMS by saying, “As an educational technologist, I feel like my role is talking to instructors about the relationship between the technical choices they have and the pedagogy they’re trying to use.” She continues to say, “We have this great integration with our learning management system, so it’s super easy to use.  We have different tools, what we call lessons, we have assignments, we have forums and wherever there’s a text editor box … Echo360 lets you do the thing you need to do.”

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