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Understanding the Importance of Healthcare Staff Training

Many healthcare organizations feel that their success is determined by the doctors and nurses who directly provide patient care, but this isn’t always the case. Receptionists are often a patient’s first point of contact with your organization, and a bad experience there can drive down patient satisfaction. Receptionists are also responsible for submitting claims to insurance companies, something that leads to no end of frustration if not performed correctly. Meanwhile, your Human Resources department has to keep up-to-date with frequent changes in employment law and everybody needs to feel that your organization provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. There’s much more to your organization than just doctors and nurses (though they are important too).

Organization-wide healthcare staff training is a cost-effective way to improve company morale, boost patient satisfaction scores, reduce employee turnover, and increase profitability. How can you do that? The educational experts at Turning have built a learning engagement platform called EchoPoll around their e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement that allows your team members to access educational content on their schedules. Please continue reading to learn more about how healthcare staff training and EchoPoll can help your organization grow.

What Should Be Included in a Healthcare Staff Training Program?

Healthcare is a dynamic industry where patient expectations and legal regulations are constantly changing. A robust training program ensures that your team has the skills and self-confidence to provide outstanding service to every patient who comes in. Here are four things that you’ll want to include:

  1. Powerful Communication Tools
    Your staff needs strong conflict resolution skills to effectively deal with irate patients, but it can be tough to learn them from a textbook. EchoPoll offers virtual meeting spaces and live classes to facilitate role-play, allowing staff members to take turns as patients and workers to better understand what each party expects from the exchange. Your organization can also record these role-play exercises for future use, ensuring that asynchronous learners enjoy equity in access to educational materials.
  2. Automatic Enrollment
    It can be a nightmare to track down team members when employment law changes or an insurance company adjusts the paperwork required for claims, hurting your organization’s efficiency. EchoPoll allows you to send an automatic course invitation to all relevant personnel, facilitating the needed compliance training without requiring you to manually invite every team member. Our platform also records attendance automatically, giving you hard evidence if a team member is ignoring their course suggestions.
  3. Proven Engagement Tools
    Even the best training will accomplish nothing if your staff zones out, so EchoPoll includes numerous features to prevent that from happening. Instructors can build in-line quizzes directly into their courses to make sure that learners are grasping the material, while gamification elements such as live leaderboards and badges foster friendly competition throughout your organization. The result is far more engagement than you would get from a traditional classroom setting.
  4. Unparalleled Accessibility
    Learners learn best when they feel like they can control their training, and EchoPoll allows them to do so. All materials are accessible anywhere with a reliable Wi-Fi connection, allowing staff members to engage with training content at their leisure. Our platform also meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 standards, ensuring that all team members can access your content regardless of any visual or hearing impairments. The result is true equity for all.

What Else Should I Know about the Importance of Staff Training in Healthcare?

Investing in your employee’s personal growth is a great way to show them that they matter to you, fostering loyalty to your organization and encouraging team members to constantly put forth their best efforts. EchoPoll allows you to set up personalized learning paths that allow each team member to explore the growth opportunities that most appeal to them. For example, an aspiring manager could take management training courses before a position even becomes available.

Likewise, EchoPoll saves valuable admin time by automatically grading all assessments and making the results available on a sortable dashboard. You and your instructors will always have the evidence you need to make your healthcare staff training program better. We invite you to learn more about EchoPoll and experience for yourself why we think it’s the best product of its type on the market!