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Engage every learner, anywhere with the most comprehensive solution for video recording and streaming, video content management, audience engagement, content creation, and assessments. 


Introducing EchoExam

Anchored in standards and trusted by leading publishers worldwide, EchoExam is the leading SaaS platform for summative assessments in education and business, across any modality and in any environment. 

Customized Question Types and Banks with Metadata

Create highly customized exams with a variety of question types including essay questions, fill in the blank, multiple choice, numeric response, and accredited question types including NCLEX. Increase efficiency with metadata tagging and auto-created question banks allowing you to tag questions and exams for easy organization and reuse.

Educational Content Meeting K-12 Standards

EchoExam is equipped with content meeting US K-12 standards making it easy for teachers to ensure that learners are assessed on state requirements. 

Secure Testing with Browser Lock

Ensure academic integrity with EchoExam’s secure and exclusive browser lock powered by Safe Exam Browser. This signature EchoExam feature disables the exam taker’s device, allowing access only to the exam and no other apps, windows or screens.

Trusted Publisher Relationships

Leading publishers across multiple academic and corporate titles trust Echo360 to bundle EchoExam with textbook content to assess millions of learners worldwide. 

Chromebook, Mac, & Windows Compatible

EchoExam’s full range of device compatibility includes all versions of Windows and education-preferred Chromebooks and Macs, ensuring equity for all users.

Seamless LMS Connectivity

EchoExam connects to your preferred LMS or SIS to seamlessly export exam content and data to manage and measure performance at the course, class, and learner level.

Desktop, Mobile and Print Delivery

Administer exams using multiple modalities via desktop, mobile devices or printed exams, which offers flexibility for on-site, virtual or hybrid testing.


Whether you are in education, business or government, the changing learning environment has made engaging your learners more challenging than ever- and never more important. We have tailored solutions for you.




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