Video Makes Your LMS Content Better

Video Makes Your LMS Content Better

Echo360 has distinguished itself by turning passive video into active learning via a unique classroom that surrounds your video with learning tools that enable students to take notes, indicate confusion, and engage in peer-to-peer discussion. But video isn’t always the star of the show. What about those times when you want to author rich LMS content and use video to liven it up?

That’s where the new Echo360 video plugin for your LMS comes in. Unlike our existing LMS integration, which presents the entire Echo360 classroom with video and learning tools in a frame, the video plugin integrates with your LMS authoring tools to embed videos directly in your other content. It works anywhere you have a content editor in the LMS, so whether you want to create an assignment with an embedded video or author a rich learning module with text, graphics, and animation, your Echo360 videos are just one click away and will be seamlessly embedded into your learning content.

Watch the video to see how Alison Maloney of Echo360 uses the new plugin to embed a video from her Echo360 library into a page in Canvas.

The new video plugin is additive to our existing LMS integration, so if it isn’t available in your Echo360 environment you may need to ask your administrator to turn it on. The video plug-in is available for all leading LMS platforms.

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