Inclusive and Accessible Video Matters

Our new ASR solution provides a pathway to affordable captioning and immersive student learning.

Video Accessibility

Video can greatly expand the accessibility of your educational content to meet the needs of all types of learners with various cognitive and sensory abilities. If not done correctly, video can leave some learners behind and create liabilities for your institution. That’s why Echo360 is dedicated to making video accessible and engaging for all learners. These are just a few of the ways that your video will be more accessible in Echo360..

Automatic Speech Recognition

Echo360 includes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) built on Amazon’s highly accurate Transcribe service to make video more accessible and engaging. ASR improves video accessibility in several ways, including providing a starting point to closed captioning and providing a multimodal learning experience so students can read along with spoken content.

ASR transcripts can also be edited into fully compliant closed captions as a more affordable and scalable approach to captioning all of your content.

To read more about how ASR can improve video accessibility and student learning, click here.

To learn how to edit ASR transcripts into closed captions, click here.


Transcript Editor

With the Echo360 transcript editor, you can efficiently edit machine-generated transcripts to make video more searchable and navigable. Your edited transcripts may also be published as closed captions to comply with accessibility standards and reduce non-compliance risk for your institution. Accurate transcripts improve accessibility and video learning for all students. Click here to get started on editing your transcripts.

Closed Captioning

Providing closed captions is the best way to ensure the highest level of accessibility for your video content. Echo360 integrates with leading captioning services to automatically add closed captions to videos before they are published. Alternatively, you can choose to edit ASR transcripts into compliant closed captions as described above.

However, just providing closed captions isn’t enough. The Echo360 video classroom provides the most flexible options of any video platform to meet the needs of learners. In addition to turning closed captioning on or off, learners can adjust the font size, the contrast, and the location and alignment of captions to ensure that they are easily readable and don’t interfere with video content.