As is the case at many universities, student demand for lecture recordings at the University of Edinburgh was increasing. At the same time, the University wanted a lecture capture system that would help increase student success.

With these factors in mind, the University embarked on a radically different method of procurement to ensure that it would select the right technology at the right price. The University chose to use the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) competitive dialogue procurement method, which allows for detailed discussions with prospective suppliers on key areas. The goal of the process was to ensure that the University would be able to select the best system to meet student needs as well as secure a long-term relationship between the university and the winning supplier.

At the end of a highly competitive bidding process, starting with an evaluation of 10 potential suppliers, which was narrowed down to 3, the University selected Echo360as its’ video management solution.

In our case study, the University of Edinburgh: Choosing a cutting-edge lecture capture solution for the future, you will learn firsthand the reasons why Edinburgh selected Echo360. Colin Forrest, Project Manager at the University of Edinburgh’s Information Services Group shares his insights into Echo360’s key differentiators, and how the capacity to support teaching and learning sets Echo360 apart from other systems.

You’ll also learn how the competitive dialogue bidding process provided a huge jumpstart to the project. It allowed the University to complete Echo360 implementation and conduct the necessary internal communications and system training within the required project deadline. Only 6 months after implementation, the University was delighted to find that more than 50% of the students had already logged onto Echo360, despite the fact that less than half of the lecture rooms had the system installed at that time.

The are many factors to consider when selecting an academic video platform. In this case study, you’ll learn how the University of Edinburgh, one of the world’s leading universities, used an innovative procurement process to ensure success for the project team, but more importantly for their students, and why they selected Echo360.

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