UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH CASE STUDY: Choosing a cutting-edge lecture capture solution for the future

It has been said that, rather than tinkering in the sidelines of what you are already doing, true innovation comes from tying together different ideas to create something completely transformational.

At The University of Edinburgh, generating tangible value for students from new opportunities is the beating heart behind its world-leading success. So, fuelled by increasing student demand for lecture recording and determined to accelerate positive change, the university undertook a radically different procurement journey than that which it had done in the past.

The final destination was a single, smart video platform solution – Echo360. To read the full case study, download a free copy by filling out the form. You’ll receive a PDF copy of the full-length case study and learn how the University of Edinburgh is using Echo360 to:

– Provide a comprehensive video management solution to fully engage students and improve learning outcomes.
– Answer student-led demand by increasing student engagement and participation.
– Build a long-term partnership and collaborative relationship between Edinburgh University and Echo360 during the tender process to ensure a well-defined and future-proof system for a world-class university.

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