Improving Student Comprehension and Success Rates with Lecture Capture Technology

Improving Student Comprehension and Success Rates with Lecture Capture Technology

For more than a decade, the faculty at UMass Lowell has turned to technology to enhance their teaching effectiveness. In order to give their students 24 / 7 access to course content and lectures in calculus and chemistry, they selected the Echo360 lecture capture solution. Using Echo360 now gives students at UMass Lowell a web-based complement to their traditional education. Students are now able to view lecture content immediately after class through the UMass Lowell website. Students can view lecture content which includes course visuals including formulas, equations, etc. and now have the ability to replay difficult topics. This helps improve their understanding of the material and they can learn at their own pace.

Important benefits of using Echo360 at UMass Lowell include:

Managing Over Enrollment: A new placement system significantly increased enrollment in Calculus I classes. 24 / 7 access to lectures now helps the university accommodate more students.

Flexibility: Students now have the ability to review rich media recordings of lectures. As a result, 72% of students surveyed said that Echo360 helped them to better understand complex concepts.

Learning Outcomes: Students in the course using Echo360 lecture capture had a much higher success rate – 11 percent – than their peers.

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