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EchoEco Research Award Program

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Help us
define our
research award

Register for any or all of three public input sessions this May to share how you would define the scope of a $1,250 USD undergraduate research award! 

Echo360 wants student and public input to help curate the development of the EchoEco Research Award Program for undergraduate students. The Research Awards of up to $1,250 USD will be offered to all undergraduates at any accredited college or university in the world.

To get you thinking about it, our leading question is this: What would you do with funding to support technology-enabled research within the intersections of environmental studies, social impact, and responsible governance?

Don’t have the bandwidth to participate live? — take 30 seconds to provide your feedback asynchronously with this EchoPoll.


Award Scope Topics and intentions

Successful EchoEco Research Award applicants have a clearly defined research objective(s) and can demonstrate how the desired award will support your work in discovering new nodes at the intersection(s) of ethical environmental stewardship, restorative social or agricultural practices, heritage or cultural research, and responsive, democratic governance. At the same time, they must be able to show how their work is made possible through the creative use of technology.

Successful applicants must also articulate how they intend to use their research to better take action on the focus area of their work after the award year has concluded (e.g., create interactive research presentations to inform policymakers on strategic environmental regulations; poll a population to optimize a future “Learning about Disinformation” community workshop).

Who Should the awards support?

Third and fourth year students with research experience are encouraged to apply. Undergraduates with little to no research experience are still encouraged to apply, so long as they also submit a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor that is willing to serve as the student’s research advisor for the award project. In addition, applicants with minimal research experience should submit materials that reflect an exceptional organizational skills, including a detailed plan of how they will use the funds effectively. A clear understanding of what comes next academically or professionally for the applicant, and how this projects will support whatever that may be must be demonstrated. Regardless of experience, all applicants must have a research advisor sign off on the application and agree to support the student for the duration of the research award project.

Preliminary program scope

Join an inaugural group of three undergraduate researchers at peer institutions also awarded an EchoEco Research Award. Participate in exclusive academic and professional development sessions from guest experts from throughout Echo360’s global network of higher education partners. Introduce yourself to a new network of inspired minds for mutual support and learn from other students also interested in technology-enabled research at the intersections of environmental studies, social impact, and responsive governance.