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Echo360 technology helped to make sure that everybody’s getting an equal experience.
Kelsey Schmuhl
clinical assistant professor
Ohio State University
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy advances the pharmacy profession and patient-centered care across Ohio and around the globe through innovative teaching and practice, groundbreaking research, and transformative outreach and engagement.
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Leading the Way With the Echosystem

The Ohio State University leveraged EchoVideo to develop a learning experience that would provide pharmacy students with an immersive, collaborative experience aimed at expanding their knowledge of opioid use disorder. EchoVideo is especially well-suited to the Ohio State University’s opioid use disorder program. With students attending the program from around the state, they needed to go above and beyond when it comes to the simplicity of delivering students the educational content they need. With the ability to connect through pre-recorded video, live streaming, and more, OSU had the opportunity to reach more students where they are — and where they can do the most good in their communities.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

Kelsey Schmuhl, a clinical assistant professor, and Steven Nagel, a senior instructional designer, used Echo360 learning technologies to blend asynchronous material and modules and live instruction. This created an interactive learning experience that was accessible to students no matter where they were taking part in the course.


Nagel noted that the transcription abilities of EchoVideo contributed greatly to making the course accessible to everyone. “Captioning and transcription is really important and critical. Having those auto-generated transcripts [makes it easy for our] team to review transcripts and apply closed captions.”


Using EchoVideo and its Zoom integration, Schmuhl and Nagel hosted a symposium featuring an escape room-style event in which students from around the state could take part. This followed a six-module course that students were able to take independently using ScarletCanvas.


In total, 276 students completed the asynchronous modules and 228 of those students also completed the virtual symposium with the escape room experience. Students who completed both the modules and escape room were awarded a certificate of completion from the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

3 Key Takeaways

Team Up

“If you’re creating educational experiences using Echo360 learning technologies, connect with a instructional designer or team. Connect early and get to know them because they can do so many things. it’s all about the people,” Schmuhl says.

Know Your Audience

Nagel says, “If you’re taking on a project, identify the stakeholders in the project and get to know them. Looking for opportunities, finding that work, and showing what you can bring to the table” is easier when you leverage Echo360’s capabilities.

Be Clear About Your Goals

“If you want to see your project grow, you need to understand the scope of what you are doing and be solid on your foundations for initiating the project. [The Echosystem helps with this by] allowing you to keep your development and quality assurance pieces all in order,” says Nagel.
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