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Echo360 technology helped to create an environment conducive to grasping and retaining information and creating that forward momentum that is going to advance the work.
Dr. Rukmani Kuppuswami
Professor of Biology
Hill College
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Echosystem Solution
EchoVideo, EchoEngage

Supporting Strong Connections With Echo360

Dr. Rukmani Kuppuswami, Professor of Biology at Hill College, uses Echo360’s engaged learning technologies to the max. She leverages the Echosystem’s ability to support collaborative learning and encourage critical thinking in community colleges and is also conducting research on how participation in collaborative learning affects the participants' pre- and post-test critical thinking scores. The collaborative nature of this study naturally placed a focus on how to increase participants' capacity to work with different individuals and groups toward a common goal. EchoVideo and EchoEngage technology allow Dr. Kuppuswami to integrate features like notes, discussion points, and clicker question responses. These tools ensure that students take an active part in learning, whether online or in the classroom.

Echo360's e3 Formula in Action

Dr. Kuppuswami assigned her students to complete a research-based team project from start to finish, including choosing a topic, gathering and reviewing sources, presenting their findings, then submitting their findings to peer review. During the course of the project, Echo360 technology aided students in a variety of different ways.


Echo360 technology is available through many different platforms on a variety of devices, making it easy for students to connect. Open communication is vital to a successful hybrid classroom experience and helps students strengthen their relationships, focus on solutions, listen actively, and incorporate diverse perspectives.


EchoVideo and EchoEngage features are critical to connecting students during shared group projects. Used in combination with EchoEngage, EchoVideo is outstanding for group projects because students are obliged to interact with the videos — in fact, their grade is dependent on it.


Dr. Kuppuswami used the Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level C to demonstrate positive results. Before the collaborative project began at the start of the term, students took a preliminary survey. They were surveyed again at the end of the term after they had completed their group project.

3 Key Takeaways

Echo360+ EchoEngage = Power!

Students can take notes as they are watching videos and lectures. Integrated quizzes, clicker questions, and more ensure that students are absorbing what they’re learning. Interacting with the material helps students retain more of the information and encourages in-class collaboration.

Simplify Classroom Management

Echo360 gives instructors the tools they need to keep classes organized. All class notes, discussion points, and course information can be gathered in a central place to solve the question of where to find essential materials.

Provide Students With Enhanced Resources

Echo360 allows instructors to post lectures and audio the moment the class is over, allowing all students to go back and review any tricky concepts at any time. If instructors choose to do so, EchoVideo’s transcription capabilities allow instructors to provide students with searchable transcripts so they can find what they need quickly.
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