How to Create Corporate Training Videos and Make eLearning Easier

Videos are not a new development in the corporate training industry. In fact, training video has been used since employers realized they have a strong incentive to help employees learn. Videos combine visuals and audio, engaging multiple senses to promote learning. They save time and money because a business doesn’t need to hire an instructor every time they want to hold a training seminar. Videos give employees more control over the training process, inspiring them to put forth their best efforts. All of these reasons why video is so effective have been known for years. 


The bigger issue isn’t what makes video so effective but why creating a corporate training video has stagnated for so many. Cloud storage has replaced VHS tapes and DVDs, and phones and simpler cameras have replaced bulky video recording tools. Yet many companies are still creating training videos by recording content to play back later with minimal quality control or editing. They aren’t thinking of the unique needs of their learners.




If your company wants to offer cutting-edge corporate training videos, you need training video software that’s easy and powerful. That means top-notch recording capabilities, intuitive video editing features, and an overall experience that will make admins, instructors, and employees look forward to your video content. That’s why the educational experts at Echo360 offer EchoVideo: a video management solution that works the way instructors and learners do. Continue reading to find out more about how easy video training can be with the right tools.


How can corporate training video software help employees?

People learn better when they can see a demonstration while getting an explanation. Capturing that on video allows people to watch them whenever they want or need to, provided they have access. Once captured, additional helpful instructions, images, and more can help improve the learning experience. 


That said, you have to do it right. If your audience finds your eLearning program clunky or struggles to connect video content to their job responsibilities and career trajectory, the best training videos in the world won’t be able to save your training campaign. The first step is to keep the following tips in mind while you create employee training videos.

1. Use intuitive training video software

Some of your team are probably technological wizards who would love to decipher an archaic interface, but most would prefer something more intuitive. EchoVideo makes capturing and editing video simple. Capture directly from your laptop, or set up additional cameras. EchoVideo will capture and even switch on the fly to another camera if one should lose connection during a recording. Then, an easy interface makes splicing in content a snap once you are ready to edit. Split screen your demonstration with a diagram or close up, or overlay another image or video while your audio keeps rolling. All of these elements can add to the learning value of the presentation without needing to be an editing whiz.

2. Provide a consistent company voice

If you hire an outside guide for training purposes, you’re hoping that they’ll stick to the company message. Ideally, they’ll also use a consistent voice so that training feels like an extension of your brand (for employees) or marketing efforts (for a customer). However, outside instructors often have their own ideas on how to approach a given topic and may prioritize their opinions over the needs of your business. The result is often confusion throughout your organization. 


If you create your own training videos, you’ll know that all of the content viewers are seeing fits into your broader eLearning strategy. EchoVideo allows you to customize your videos so they feel like an extension of your business, not ours. This can make it easier to create a corporate culture valuing development and continuous upskilling.


3. Provide video on demand

Remember when your elementary school teacher lugged a huge TV into the classroom to show you a video? Yeah, those days are over. Modern employees expect to be able to watch training videos on their terms. If your content doesn’t look great on the smaller screen of a mobile device, you’ll never reach your audience. With EchoVideo, users can use our responsive video player to watch on any device.



Optimizing video for the small screen also facilitates just-in-time learning. Just-in-time learning refers to the ability to access training when needed most, such as a quick refresher on a product’s capabilities before a sales call. It’s a must-have in any organization’s training program, and EchoVideo is an excellent way to get it. After all, a well-informed employee is an effective employee.


4. Provide captioning for more effective training videos

Do you ever use closed captioning to make it easier to understand the lyrics of a song or what’s going on in your favorite television drama? Reading along with content facilitates multimodal learning, a fancy way of saying that multiple senses are engaged in the educational process. EchoVideo automatically syncs video content through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with a variety of captioning services, allowing all learners to read along with every video. Additional features such as speaker tags and captions make it even easier for viewers to digest training materials and review them months after training. Transcribed content is even added to a searchable index. If you’ve ever gone back and forth trying to find a specific moment in a video, you understand how much this can help you manage your work.


Instructor lecturing while video camera records

5. Training video for all

Equity is one of the pillars EchoVideo is built on, and we pride ourselves on making all training videos accessible to all learners. EchoVideo meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, meaning that employees can watch videos regardless of any medical conditions, sensory impairments, or learning differences. ASR technology and an intuitive UI (or user interface) also play roles in making video more accessible to everyone. 


Additionally, EchoVideo offers equity to synchronous and asynchronous workers. When you capture a live class meeting, instructors can attach notes linked to specific timestamps to help employees who weren’t there get the entire experience. EchoVideo also includes collaboration tools such as embedded quizzes to assure participation and engagement. Your organization should represent a united front even if some members of your audience cannot attend meetings in person. 


The benefits of video on Echo360 for management

Now that you understand the great training video experience EchoVideo provides to employees, it’s time to consider how easy video production can be for instructors. The following video tips are presented in an FAQ format to help you understand why you should create video content with EchoVideo.

What should I include when creating training videos?

The first step in any “how to create training videos” guide is understanding what information to include. A good training video should include clear, concise instructions for the task you’re training for and learning objectives spelling out what success looks like. Your presentation should also follow a clear narrative where one point logically leads to the next. The most effective online training videos also include interactive elements to promote audience engagement and test their comprehension. 


EchoVideo gives you a broad suite of interactive elements to choose from including live polls, comprehension questions embedded directly into videos, and full compatibility with a myriad of learning management systems. You can also watch videos before you publish them to verify they’ll deliver the experience your employees deserve. 


How easy is creating a video on EchoVideo?

While some video software requires instructors to learn a complicated set of tools to create anything, EchoVideo was designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind. You’ll use a drag-and-drop interface to upload existing video content from sources such as Dropbox and Google Cloud to the Echo360 ecosystem. Once you’ve done that, web-based video editing software will make it easy to make any necessary modifications. For instance, you can splice one video into another to create more dynamic training materials. 


If you’d prefer to record your own videos, EchoVideo offers Universal Capture capabilities that are up to 10 times as reliable as competing software. Universal Capture makes it easy to record video, identify and troubleshoot any hiccups in real time to avoid lost recordings, and even record with a single click. EchoVideo also offers online/offline capabilities, allowing you to record offline and automatically upload it to your library once you’re back online. Intuitive templates make it simple to modify any video you record, and you can publish videos to the web immediately or hold them in your library until you get a chance to further refine them. The power is in your hands. 


Can my business manage training video content on EchoVideo?

EchoVideo is best seen as a hub ideally suited to the storage of all of your training video content. With all of your videos in one convenient location, you can always see what your business is offering its employees and how many are taking full advantage of it. Advanced search capabilities are available to help you quickly find specific videos, and enrolling your team in video-based training is as easy as pasting their email address into a box. EchoVideo even supports multi-level collaboration so administrators have input into and oversight over the training and production process. 


It can feel overwhelming to try and manage hundreds of videos spread across multiple platforms, but it becomes much easier when everything is accessible in one place. EchoVideo does that. 


What about analytical tools to help me make informed decisions?

Absolutely! EchoVideo empowers administrators with a sortable dashboard providing all of the evidence needed to make strong decisions backed by data. Metrics are tracked for all media including viewing and engagement information, video views, poll responses, and individual performance on quizzes. These metrics can be analyzed directly in EchoVideo for maximal convenience or exported to an LMS or VLE (virtual learning environment) for further analysis. LTI (learning tools interoperability) configurations are available for most of the integrations you might need, with API (application programming interface) compatibility available for the rest. That sounds complicated, but we promise using those features is easier than it might sound. 


Your instructors will also appreciate the analytical capabilities of EchoVideo. Our platform automatically provides engagement data before, during, and after class to help instructors identify any employees who might not be keeping up. The presentation of analytics is adaptable to any class type, and instructors can even reveal anonymous responses to the group to stimulate discussion mid-video. For example, an instructor could ask a question about a hypothetical HR complaint during a video on harassment and encourage employees to discuss how it should be approached. Similarly, playback can be blocked on self-paced assignments until the employee answers the embedded quiz questions. 


Unlimited training video storage

If you record videos and try to store them on your device’s internal memory, you’ll quickly discover that you won’t be able to save them all while keeping your other files. EchoVideo is a cloud-based solution with robust dynamic scaling capabilities. All of your organization’s training videos can coexist together. 


If you have a diverse audience, cloud video storage also allows you to accommodate everyone’s needs. Your company might not need that video on coding very often, but it’s there whenever somebody wants to add computer programming to their resume. Flexible training opportunities can be a real selling point to help attract talent to your organization. 

Training video benefits shared between employees and admins

While many people see employees and instructors/administrators as two distinct groups, many of the benefits of EchoVideo apply to both of them equally. For instance, everyone in your organization will love EchoVideo’s sleek interface and how simple it is to use. Likewise, admins and instructors are just as likely to take advantage of how well EchoVideo performs on a smaller screen as their audience. The C-suite will love the total control over company messaging that EchoVideo provides, and instructors can use its search capabilities just as easily as anyone else. 


Accessibility might be the most important mutual benefit though because all team members should be able to access training videos. EchoVideo’s full compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards and commitment to equity in training give every employee a chance to grow without leaving your business. 


Video training alone can sometimes feel impersonal, so EchoVideo offers live streaming capabilities to help create a broader culture emphasizing the importance of training throughout your business. Instructors can schedule live classes ahead of time or go live whenever the mood strikes them, taking advantage of adaptive bitrate HLS for the easiest, most reliable way to create ad hoc live streams. The result is people spending time together even if it’s through a screen, helping employees feel close-knit. 


EchoVideo: The best way to create training videos

Creating effective training videos is a daunting task, especially if you and your instructors aren’t well-versed in the latest development tools. Something could always go wrong when you want to record, whether there are difficulties with video capture or the main camera goes offline. Editing what you record can be challenging as well, especially if you have a clear vision in your head that you cannot seem to replicate on the screen. 


Fortunately, the educational experts at Echo360 designed EchoVideo with these specific needs at the forefront. Our platform is designed to make training videos as intuitive and effective as possible by eliminating complicated development tools, doing away with clunky interfaces, and streamlining the management of thousands of training videos at a time. We also back our software with the top customer support in the eLearning industry, so you’ll always have help when you need it. Best of all, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve EchoVideo to better unleash the instructional power and potential of video. 


If you’re interested in discovering more about the role EchoVideo plays in the production of effective training videos or how you can combine it with the rest of the Echosystem to get even more out of your videos, request more info today! It could be the first step in helping your employees make the most of the training opportunities you provide.

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Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions.

Let’s talk more to find the right solution for you.


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