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Active Learning Case Studies

How institutions are using Echo360 to transform education

Featured Case Study

King's College London

At King's College London, Nick Leake, CIO, says the Echo360 active learning platform is helping meet their students' top demand - lecture capture for every course. 

Alphacrucis College didn’t shy away from increasing enrollment – they turned to Echo360 instead.  According to CIO Andrew Tennikoff, this Australian institution is using Echo360 to support classroom overflow and deliver critical post-graduate content to students outside of Sydney.

Video is the new textbook – so says CityU CIO, Andy Chun, who found that Echo360 creates a more student-centric curriculum, supports distance learning and allows teaching and learning to go on in the event of campus emergencies.

How do you continue teaching when your campus is located in the heart of the world’s largest sporting event?  During the 2012 London Olympics, CULC relied on Echo360 to conduct “business as usual” when congestion in the city brought the campus to a standstill.

Deaf and hearing-impaired students at Gallaudet University struggled to take notes while watching their instructors lecture in American Sign Language. Echo360 freed students to participate while boosting their outcomes at the same time.

GWU is successfully removing the “distance” from their distance learning programs. Using Echo360, students from around the world get the same interactive learning experience as their peers sitting in the classroom.

In building a state-of-the-art simulation lab that mirrors the dynamic hospital environment, GW turned to Echo360 to help nursing students master critical patient care skills through hands-on learning.

Work smarter not harder. According to Georgetown’s Janet Russell, instructors on her campus are doing just that, using Echo360 analytics to see where students may be struggling and making game-time decisions to redirect their lectures accordingly.

How do you gain a competitive edge among cost-conscious students? For Loughborough, it’s providing lecture capture to a student body reliant on technology. The students are voicing their approval in droves, giving Loughborough a leg up.

No room? No problem. Despite over enrollment issues, Macquarie guarantees all enrolled students a seat in the class. With the help of Echo360 live webcasting, they are fulfilling their promise to each and every student.

It’s been said that MSU’s Veterinary Program is like “drinking from a fire hose.” Find out how active learning with Echo360 and LectureTools helps instructors in the program break up content into snack-sized segments while increasing in class engagement.

Launching a country’s first Pharmacy degree program is a Herculean task in itself. Qatar University was also faced with the challenges of teaching English as second language students and instructor development. Find out how Echo360 addressed these issues and more.

How do you welcome mobile devices into class while battling the distractions they present? Dr. Bob Hutchins used LectureTools to transform these devices into digital tools for classroom engagement with 90 percent of his students participating.

When faced with increased enrollment in Calculus classes due to a new placement system, UMass Lowell found a formula for success by offering rich media lectures online for round-the-clock student access.  Learning outcomes increased by as much as 11 percent for students using Echo360.

No more cramming! Students at University of Exeter are regularly viewing recorded lectures to explore course content in detail, not just the night before exams. They are also engaging more in class, a result of being more comfortable with the content.

University of Toledo is blazing new trails when it comes to distance learning. By leveraging Echo360 to offer 400 online courses, adult, non-traditional students and even active duty military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have the flexibility to earn degrees.