As universities continue to manage against the continuing backdrop of COVID-19, hybrid models are giving both students and instructors the flexibility and choice around how they maintain learning and teaching.

Holly Hapke, Senior Marketing Lecturer at the University of Kentucky has developed a 3-in-1 hybrid teaching model; an amalgamation of in-person, live stream and asynchronous teaching designed to keep students engaged and make progress, whether they are on campus or learning remotely.

She’s been teaching this way for years—and her students love it.

Giving Students More Choice

All Holly’s lectures are designed with Echo360 and the 3-in-1 hybrid model in mind to give students choice.

Her preference is for students to attend lectures in person, but she recognises some may have busy lives, long distances to travel, or other issues that make it difficult for them to physically come to campus every day.

“With the 3-in-1 model, students can attend in person if possible and if not, join the live streamed session remotely at the same time as their on-campus peers,” Holly explains. “The third critical strand is the video and other recorded content they can access to build on what they’ve learned in class, regardless of how they choose to participate. It’s a win, win, win.”

Hear from Holly on how Echo360 has elevated her 3-in-1 hybrid model to foster more student engagement:

The Essence of Engaging Teaching

Echo360’s active learning toolkit helps Holly to create exciting learning opportunities for all her students, both on-campus and attending remotely. They add variety and keep students engaged throughout the session.

“There are so many ways to use the quizzing and polling tools to change up my lectures and incorporate the essential visual elements I need to create a great lesson on the principles of marketing,” she says.

She might start with an image-based quiz on corporate branding, for example, then run a poll to gather students’ opinions on which of four controversial ad campaigns they think are most likely to encourage a consumer to buy. A classroom discussion on the behavioural science behind digital marketing could follow and then Holly might drop a Likert scale questionnaire in at the end to capture students’ own experiences as consumers.

“I have been able to generate far more engagement from students in my hybrid classroom than I could ever achieve with 400 plus students sitting side-by-side in the auditorium listening to me talk. Echo360 takes my 3-in-1 lectures to a new level.”


Richer Learning Experience

The chat channel in Echo360 helps Holly generate opportunities for collaboration and peer to peer support between the on-campus students and those studying remotely in every session, which really brings the 3-in-1 model to life.

“I can spark a group discussion or encourage students to ask questions and they get answers immediately from either myself or one of their peers, without anyone having to shout out from the back of the room.

“This approach brings a greater diversity of opinions for a much richer learning experience. Whether students are physically there or watching the live stream becomes almost irrelevant,” says Holly.

The real power of the 3-in-1 approach is that learning can continue long after the scheduled class is over. Students can simply revisit the lecture recordings and slide decks in their entirety or dip into specific topics again to refresh their knowledge.

All poll questions and responses are recorded and synched to the LMS, which means if a student didn’t get the answer right first time, there’s another opportunity, as Holly explains.

“Students can rewatch the relevant section of the lecture and answer a new set of questions on the topic asynchronously. It helps clarify areas of confusion and gives students another chance to succeed.”

A Personalised Approach

Through the Echo360 analytics dashboard, Holly can quickly see who is participating in the polls, how they are responding and whether they are accessing the recordings and other resources available to support their progress. This helps her to provide the individual help students need to progress.

Full transcriptions of all recorded content is provided too, a valuable study aid for all students, particularly those who speak additional languages or have special needs.

“With Echo360, I can double the size of my class and still deliver a more personalised learning experience,” says Holly.

“The tech exists to deliver live, online and asynchronous teaching, so why not give more students the choice.”

You can read Holly’s recently published research into the 3-in-1 hybrid teaching model or contact us to find out how Echo360 can help you shape teaching and learning into and beyond the new academic year.

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