Last year, we highlighted how Gareth Bramley, University Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of Sheffield, uses the interactive polling and question features of Echo360 in his Sale of Goods module. Gareth believes the ability to pose different kinds of questions during a lecture has increased the level of student engagement and has improved student learning.

Gareth has also employed a flipped learning approach in his classroom where he devotes less of his time to classroom lectures and more classroom time on activities that require students to solve actual problems. The result, according to Gareth is that “students can now do more than simply recite facts; they can apply what they have learned.”

Gareth Bramley describes his work, including reasons for implementing a flipped learning model and key findings from the implementation, in a recent case study published in the Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal. In the study, Gareth outlines three ways in which the flipped learning approach is beneficial. He writes that flipped learning:

  1. Can be an excellent method of evaluating and refreshing the teaching process
  2. Addresses innovation in teaching, and most importantly,
  3. Positively deepens student learning.

You can read his full case study, How to Help Students Engage in Flipped Learning. And if you would like to learn more about how Echo360 can improve learning outcomes at your institution, contact us for a personal demonstration.

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