Echo360 APAC: The Story Behind Our Success

Echo360 APAC: The Story Behind Our Success

This year we celebrate Patrick Walsh’s ten year anniversary with Echo360. As Pat himself says, “it seems a lot shorter because it’s been so much fun!” We also celebrate Shaun Procter’s 21 years and Jocasta Williams’ 16 years. This small team is known for the longevity of its team members.

While Pat has been with the company for ten years, he has been a member of the Echo360 community for even longer.  In December we will hold our 14thAnnual Community Conference and we are as excited this year as every other. Some people who will attend have known each other for the full 14 years, the conference is the place they met and continue to meet face to face every year. Even though they don’t see each other regularly, the longevity of the relationship means that they celebrate weddings, babies and promotions for each other as well as providing ongoing support in all things Echo360.

For most of the current Echo360 APAC team, the conference is also where they first became members of the community as they shared their own journey as a customer.

Meet Some Other Members of Our Team

Mark Hodson is a support engineer who joined the team in 2015, has been going to the community conference since 2009 and told me that, even before joining the team, he circled the community conference in his calendar as the highlight of his professional year. Mark managed Echo360 at the university he worked with and is now an important member of our support team. Mark is known for his patience and his wonderful ability to present content to people in a way that they can understand and work with. He is also a problem solver. If it’s a tough question one person we turn to is Mark.

The other person we turn to when the questions are tough is Simon Prior. Simon took over Echo360 when it was an on-premise resource at UWA. Not only does Simon work with new customers to get them started on the path to success as they work through the initial implementation of Echo360, he also takes the lead in working with our head office team to ensure that Echo360 provides the most reliable educational technology service in the region.

Mark Hodson and Simon Prior both started working with Pat four and six years ago respectively however they have known him for much longer. The pride of Echo360 APAC is our community and it is not uncommon to hear people say, ‘I’d like to work there, let me know if there is a job opportunity’.

Hear from Mark, Simon and other members of the team about why Echo360 has been so successful across the region, and remains the leader in our field.


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