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7 Top Benefits of Remote Learning

7 Top Benefits of Remote Learning

Changing from in-person to remote learning has been stressful for a lot of people, mainly because it had to be done so suddenly. But did you know that there are actually quite a few advantages of remote learning, no matter what age you are? From K-12 to college students, learning remotely can be a positive alternative to learning in person full time or part time. With a quality learning engagement platform like EchoPoll, your students can take advantage of all the remote learning benefits listed below.


  1. Access to learning materials
    Rather than carrying a heavy backpack full of books, remote learning allows students to access their learning materials online from anywhere. No more lost homework sheets—it’s all online and accessible from home, the rec center, or grandma’s house.

  2. Content-rich curriculum
    Not only do students have access to online learning materials from anywhere, but those learning materials can be much more dynamic than textbooks ever were. EchoPoll has a full asset manager that accepts all kinds of files from audio and video to PowerPoint presentations with embedded quizzes and polling as well as full-color PDFs. Content creators can design lessons that keep students’ attention like never before.
  3. Reduction in social anxiety
    There’s been a lot more awareness around mental health lately, and part of that is because of an increase in social anxiety in students of all ages. With the ability to communicate with their peers in monitored, academic-driven discussions through EchoPoll’s discussion boards and chat rooms, social anxiety can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Several studies have shown that remote learning can actually benefit those with social anxiety.
  4. Flexible scheduling opportunities
    Some students are morning people, and some are not. By pairing some synchronous lessons with many asynchronous assignments, students can learn when they are the most awake and alert. This can lead to greater understanding of the subject matter and better performance on assignments and even on tests. Not only that, but it can enhance their family life as they have greater flexibility to interact with their families in a more organic way. EchoPoll supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities.

  5. Accessibility for everyone
    Equity is the first “e” of Turning’s e³ philosophy, and it means that every student has the ability to access every lesson. With online learning, there are no physical barriers for students who are differently abled, and EchoPoll meets or exceeds WCAG (web content accessibility guideline) standards. This means that all of your students can have an equitable experience through online learning.
  6. Opportunity for self-paced learning
    There are a number of ways EchoPoll can support self-paced learning. Your instructors can provide a list of assignments for the week each Monday morning and allow students to finish them at their own pace, or they can introduce assignments each morning with the expectation that the students will have them finished by the next morning. Either way, the students are then able to move more quickly through assignments on topics they have already mastered and take more time to understand content they find more challenging.
  7. Better student comprehension of content
    Some instructors have been surprised to find out that students are not all understanding the content as they are teaching it, but have been able to discover this fact through remote learning. By embedding quiz questions throughout presentations in EchoPoll, instructors can be aware of the smallest detail when students are not understanding a delivered piece of information. This allows them to reach out to all students who need further guidance and provide further instruction, and even to adjust their original presentation for better comprehension.

With EchoPoll, remote learning presents many benefits to students of all ages. Our e³ philosophy ensures equitable learning based on evidence that is engaging to students everywhere. We’re excited about our learning engagement platform and we invite you to learn more about EchoPoll and the many benefits of remote learning it can provide.