Transform your design process with this innovative feature from Knowbly™

Novice instructional designers and learning professionals may have concerns about common authoring tool and eLearning myths, such as authoring tools being too difficult or slow to use, or course authoring software not creating content which can be used seamlessly on different types of devices. Designers often consider these common fears when choosing which authoring tool to invest in, and the Knowbly™ content manager resolves each of these concerns as this unique feature distinguishes this tool from its peers by expediting the design process through time-saving functionality.

Managing assets is a common struggle for instructional designers. A single eLearning course may contain hundreds of images, as well as numerous audio and video files and reference documents for both the learners and the designers themselves. Out of necessity, designers tend to develop their own systems for organizing their assets over time. The Knowbly™ content manager streamlines this process through several innovative workflows, and this standardization is of particular benefit to designers who work on teams. First, designers begin with uploading common file types including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files into the Knowbly™ authoring tool. Once uploaded, the files can be organized and tagged with keywords so that they can be easily located later. A PDF preview is generated for all uploaded files, and files can even be downloaded from the Knowbly™ system at any time if needed. As the collection of assets grows, designers can edit metadata and filter by asset type to quickly and easily locate the assets they need.

In addition to helping create an efficient, streamlined design process, the Knowbly™ content manager offers additional advantages that make online course development a truly rapid process.

Beautiful Design Through the Use of Templates and Customizable Themes

Pre-built templates and themes allow designers to jump in and create courses by simply adding their content to the appropriate spaces. Whether or not graphic design is a designer’s forté, pre-built templates and themes create a polished, professional look and feel, and ensure bug-free functionality and interactions. Designers’ creativity may still flourish even when using templates and themes, as these templates and themes can be customized to reflect the desired color scheme and fonts, and designers may also choose to add or remove elements from the basic layout.

Update Entire Course in One Click with Single Source Widgets

Once designers upload their assets to the Knowbly™ content manager, they may use these assets in their courses and interactive widgets as well as make updates everywhere the asset is used with a single click. Imagine the time saved by not having to make the same update across multiple courses everywhere an asset is used. With this ability, the Knowbly™ content manager empowers designers to focus on what matters, and does not force them to spend time on the tedious work of making manual edits.

Furthermore, real-time editing of content (from wording, to images, and even to multimedia content) in course creation allows designers to speedily make changes and not labor over mundane tasks like updating fonts and color schemes. This gives designers time to focus on other more strategic work, such as application of learning theories and project management, ensuring the overall project will meet stakeholders’ needs and run smoothly without tiresome editing taking up valuable design time.  

Enjoy Responsive Design with Managed Assets

A final tremendous feature of the Knowbly™ content manager is the fact that every managed asset will perform on any device the learner encounters it. Courses and even stand-alone widgets published as microlearning assets outside of courses are fully responsive on all phones, tablets, and computers, and can be published to any LMS, LXP, or LEP. This removal of technical barriers makes learning truly accessible to all learners. Designers may build their courses without having to concern themselves with functionality; they can simply trust that Knowbly™ is equipped to meet both their needs and their learners’ needs.

With all these benefits and more, it’s no wonder Knowbly™’s motto is Power to the Learner®.

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