Extend learning beyond the classroom. Enhance it within.

From early warning and intervention to lecture capture and polling, Echo360 supports more ways to improve learning and student success than any other video platform provider.

Early Warning & Intervention

Insight into class participation and other critical evidence of student engagement is paramount to supporting real time, proactive academic intervention. Echo360 fuses learning and behavioral data that no one else has alongside great instruction to inform early warning efforts and improve student outcomes. Our analytics show you how engaged each student is at any point in term and will alert you to your least engaged students, most confusing content, and even when students have questions.

Lecture Capture

Recording lectures, still the most common format for higher education instruction, and automatically making them available for on-demand viewing gives students round-the-clock access to their studies. Today’s students expect this type of technology and service from institutions as it helps them stay current, if they miss a class, or review concepts to reinforce learning. The flexibility offered by lecture capture helps support the unique learning styles of a diverse student body.

Student Response/Polling

Frustrated by the silence and number of blank stares in your classes? Not sure if students are actually understanding the concepts? You’re not alone. Many instructors are using low-stakes testing (or polling) in class to better understand what’s working and what’s not so that they can spend more time on difficult concepts. Echo360 makes it easy to incorporate multiple types of polling questions into instruction and see, or even share, the results to foster conversation and reinforce difficult concepts.

Ditching clickers and improving student engagement and outcomes at Iowa State College of Vet Med.

Creating engagement through flipped classroom at Case Western Reserve University.

Flipped Classroom

Flipping the classroom creates more time for applied learning, group work and discussion, and student demonstrations in class in addition to allowing students to review the material 24/7. No wonder it can raise exam scores by as much as 5 percent. And, with Echo360, you can record, edit and assign your instructional videos in under an hour using your laptop, tablet or phone.

Distance Learning

Extend education beyond the brick and mortar campus to students down the street and around the world. With Echo360, remote students get the same interactive learning experience as their peers sitting in the classroom. Institutions can leverage their recorded content and extend their reach through online or blended programs.

Find out how Alphacrucis College uses lecture capture to enhance learning for distance students.

Professor records mini-lectures in virtual studio as financial events unfold.

Screencasting/Personal Capture

Today’s digital natives are consuming and creating short snippets of information throughout the day – usually on video and on mobile devices. It’s not surprising that the creation and playback of short video for 24/7 learning continues to grow in importance. Echo360’s mobile app and video creation software makes it easy for instructors and students to record, edit and watch video both inside and outside the classroom and extend the learning experience around the clock.

Webcasting/Live Streaming

Whether managing room overflow, broadcasting an important event, contingency planning or simply reaching distance learners, Echo360 supports high quality live streaming with interactive features – easily and reliably – and lets your audience view the stream from their preferred device.

Reaching busy business school students at UMass Amherst.

Multi-Camera, HD Demonstrations

From lab demonstrations to automotive repair to ballroom dancing, sometimes one camera simply doesn’t cut it. Echo360 offers multi-camera functionality to capture presenter and demonstration – from every angle. Instructors can record up to 2 streams in 1080p HD and feel confident that students won’t miss a beat.