Create content, conduct polls and manage results entirely online while supporting remote and in-person learning.

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Our web-based platform allows participants to respond from anywhere with their own cell phones, tablets or computers! Hardware clickers are also an option for in-person sessions.

Read on to learn more about the capabilities offered by our web tool and how you can use them to improve learning and engagement in your classes and training sessions.

I understand how hard it is for these guys to sit in class and learn something new, and then say, ‘Oh, by the way, now you’re going to be tested.’ TurningPoint is fun and it gets them really well prepared.

Mary Kinnear, Supervisor of Training and Compliance

New England Utility Constructors, Inc. (NEUCO)

Easily poll online

Build and facilitate content online for a completely web-based live polling experience for both in-person and remote environments. When polling through your TurningPoint account, questions can be asked online through a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. No download required.

Schedule surveys and assessments

Share interactive content at any time without the need for a live polling session. This is ideal for asynchronous learning and assignments, and can also be used for surveys. No download required.

Enhance PowerPoint presentations

Our light PowerPoint add-in lets you collect results online while enjoying our industry-leading native PowerPoint integration. A streamlined user interface makes it even easier to create content and poll participants.

Instantly poll over any application

Use anywhere polling to ask interactive questions on-the-fly with a floating toolbar and send results directly to your online account. Poll over top of web pages, videos, documents or any application, and display results instantly.

During this transition to synchronous learning, Turning Technologies’ applications enabled me to be responsive and handle student concerns. It’s eerie because the ‘room’ is quiet, but it’s also empowering to see good questions arise, humor stay present, and students be able to help each other.

Dr Paul Blowers
University Distinguished Professor
University of Arizona

Remote learning

The ability to conduct remote classes and trainings is more important than ever. If you are looking to engage, monitor and measure remote learning and development, TurningPoint offers many capabilities beyond live engagement.

  • Use the attendance feature to let learners check in from anywhere.
  • Eliminate the need for meeting software. Participants can view all content and follow along on their device in real time with only a simple call bridge needed to connect everyone.
  • Measure learning outcomes and encourage success with easy-to-use reporting features within TurningPoint.
  • Connect after classes and meetings by using our scheduling feature to send out surveys and assessments.

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